Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello Yearbook Staff! :)
Due to my username/password being forgotten this is MADISON on Mielle's blog!

This is a list of how the senior spreads are going to split up and who has what:
Every third layout has seven people instead of six..

-Senior 1: Lane - Colter Trent (sports with torn ACL/heart)
Guvanch Agajumayev
Sandra Baker
Hayleigh Block
Marriah Bradstreet
Zachariah Buff
Alicia Cadrette
Nicholai Carie

-Senior 2: Lane - Matt and Charles (Dirt biking)
Dylan Carlson
Kaci Clayton
Miranda Derber
Alexandra Dillon
Hannah Edwards
Matthew Edwards

-Senior 3: Isaac - Olivia Witt (plays)
Ciara Farrier
Anthony Fopp
Samantha Foster
Madison Fraley
Camas Garnett
Jacob Gembala
Makenna Gembala

-Senior 4: Isaac - Alex Surber (art and videogames)
Austin Gordon
Michael Hornbuckle
Austin Jordt
Danielle Keeler
Keegan Kelso
Matthew Killian

-Senior 5: Annie - Kaci Clayton (Tumbling and All State Cheer)
Tyler Kirby
Jennifer Kriskovich
Katelynn Lafever
Luke Lafontaine
Logan Lamm
Christopher Landon

-Senior 6: Annie - Camas (Bass and music)
Tyler Latimer
Haley Lobo
Bryce Lopez
Aly Losleben
Abraham Malley
Jonathan Matthews
Charles McAllister

-Senior 7: Austin J - Annie (photography)
Hank McLeod
Kalea Monroe
Samantha Moore
Jazzmyn Musser
Jemison Naive
Chelsea Olson

-Senior 8: Austin G - Sandi Baker (Cave Club)
Annie Peterson
Harley Press
Tori Quirk
Mitchell Raymond
Isaac Reichner
Seth Roessmann

-Senior 9: Kalea - Marriah (Horses)
Joshua Sather
Shelby Scoggins
Emily Smith
Emily Stephens
Brande Strohschein
Alexander Surber

-Senior 10: Madison - Lane (Government Page, not political opinion)
Lane Thole
David Toman
Shogo Tomomura
Colter Trent
Blake Weimer
Olivia Witt

Placed Ads

Riley and I placed the Lane's, Penco, Salon Fusion, and fixed the A-1 vacuum ad and placed it in. We scanned the new Eric Thorsen card and sent it over to Marissa's computer, but we didn't fix it yet.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tirerama and Big Sky Sunglasses ads

I have Riley working on the Sunglasses ad with a few changes so it is not ready to Place in the layout yet. The Tirerama ad needs to be resized. I can't remember if we did or not. I do know I showed the issue to both 4th and 7th period.

We need to vote on layouts. I had Brittany organize them on the table. Vote for one each of Opening, Sports, Senior, and Underclass layouts.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Sky Sunglasses

Riley finished the Big Sky Sunglasses ad and added it to your art and images folder.

Tire Rama ad

Tirerama ad is finished and I put it in your art and images folder.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Spirit Week Coverage

Austin is filming during float building and Annie is taking pictures. Last year we missed the parade in terms of video. We need all the royalty in cars. We need cheerleaders and band for senior video and highlights to go on the school website. Homecoming and Spirit week pictures are also needed for the yearbook layouts.