Monday, December 16, 2013

Seniors! Put in your senior layout background

1. Get the background from Mielle (JH215) or Brittany's computer (JH212) [Mac HD > Herff Jones > Yearbook > Working Pages > Sr 1 or Sr2] and put it in your senior layout folder.
2. Make a picture frame 15.6667 x 10.8294 and place the background in it.
3. Fit content to frame.
4. Put a .75 white stroke around all of your text.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Seniors who need pictures

Austin Bunyea
Joshua Duke
Alicia Hauss
Brennan Lobo
Steven Lyon
Daniel McVay
Jacob Western

Monday, November 18, 2013

Opening Layout Sub Themes

K-12: White Dwarves
Spirit Week: Blue Moon
Homecoming: Supernova
Class Officers: Gas Planets
Winter Formal: Cold Space
Senior: Saturn

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First 40 pages=Christmas

Cover, Endsheets, Introduction, Opening and Senior Layouts are all due December 19th. That is 23 school days from now.

Senior layouts require a profile interview and 4 pictures, two Best/Most pictures of four people and quotes, and all the senior pictures. This is not an easy task especially if you have two senior layouts.

My fear is not much is getting done. It definitely requires making arrangement and collecting pictures outside of class.

Also some seniors are involved as well in making movies. Volleyball, soccer and football need to be done before Christmas also. Interviews require arrangement and most of these sports have banquests that we can make money at with DVD sales if a movie is ready.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Most/Best and their pages

SR1: Most likely to be the first person to die in a horror film: Christian Evans/ Alanis Stallknecht
SR1: Most accident prone: Cameron Nissen/ Sarah Morton
SR2:Most likely to win America's Next Top Model: Boyd Rieke/ Sylena morganSR2: Most memorable: Clayton O'farrell/ Emily Pataky
SR3: Most likely to make it in the secret service:Clayton O'farrell/ Lyra Jennings
SR3: Best smile: Wyatt Fisher/ Stevi Siloti
SR4: Most likely to be a cast on SNL: Bryce MacCallum/ Emily Wiest
SR4: Best should be couple: Riley Meyer/ Emily Pataky
SR5: BHS' biggest fan: Boyd Rieke/ Tie with Tessa Robertson and Mielle Hubbard
SR5: Biggest flirt: Gunnar Boose/ Sylena Morgan
SR6: Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart: Stephen Jochen/ Brittany Schnell
SR6: Most likely to win an olympic medal: Boyd Rieke/ Ellessa Henion
SR7: Best giggle: Dillon Hilling/ Mielle Hubbard
SR7: Most likely to be a fashion icon: Wyatt Fisher/ Alicia Hauss
SR8: Most annoying but still loved: Steven Lyon/ Alex Hider
SR8: Best at brightening your day: Daniel McVay/ Emily Wiest
SR9: Most likely to never leave Bigfork: Travis Thomas/ Tessa robertson
SR9: Most retro: Seth Duncan-Wagers/ Mielle Hubbard

Monday, November 4, 2013

Best/Most Winners

Most likely to be the first person to die in a horror film: Christian Evans/ Alanis Stallknecht
Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart: Stephen Jochen/ Brittany Schnell
Most likely to win America's Next Top Model: Boyd Rieke/ Sylena morgan
Most likely to win an olympic medal: Boyd Rieke/ Ellessa Henion
Best should be couple: Riley Meyer/ Emily Pataky
Most likely to make it in the secret service:Clayton O'farrell/ Lyra Jennings
BHS' biggest fan: Boyd Rieke/ Tie with Tessa Robertson and Mielle Hubbard
Best at brightening your day: Daniel McVay/ Emily Wiest
Most accident prone: Cameron Nissen/ Sarah Morton
Most annoying but still loved: Steven Lyon/ Alex Hider
Most memorable: Clayton O'farrell/ Emily Pataky
Biggest flirt: Gunnar Boose/ Sylena Morgan
Best smile: Wyatt Fisher/ Stevi Siloti
Best giggle: Dillon Hilling/ Mielle Hubbard
Most likely to be a cast on SNL: Bryce MacCallum/ Emily Wiest
Most likely to be a fashion icon: Wyatt Fisher/ Alicia Hauss
Most retro: Seth Duncan-Wagers/ Mielle Hubbard
Most likely to never leave Bigfork: Travis Thomas/ Tessa robertson

Side Note: We may change "Best Should Be Couple," because it was obviously chosen to be a "cruel," joke.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Opening and Senior Layouts

002-003 K-12: Mielle
004-005 Spirit Week: Alanis
006-007 Homecoming: Brittany
008-009 Class Officers: Mielle
0010-011 Winter Formal: Alanis
012-013 Senior 1: Brittany
Profile: Stephen Jochen- Hockey
Alexander Addison
Tyler Alanis-Taylor
Seth Anderson
Joseph Baker
Gunnar Bose
Austin Bunyea
014-015 Senior 2: Mielle
Profile: Maddie Lorang- Speech
Emily Cheroske
Tara Clark
Robert Coyle
Jena Crider
Cody Deshazer
Joshua Duke
016-017 Senior 3: Alanis
Profile: Dillon Hilling- Rapping
Seth Duncan-Wagers
Michael Eckerson
Christian Evans
Daniel Fellows
Wyatt Fisher
Genovieve Gibson
018-019 Senior 4: Robert
Profile: Emily Wiest- Garden and music
Noe Gomez
Alicia Hauss
Ashley Hauss
Ellessa Henion
Alexandra Hider
Dillon Hilling
020-021 Senior 5: Austin
Profile: Bryce MacCallum- Piano
Mielle Hubbard
Lyra Jennings
Stephen Jochen
Henrik Jorgenson
Brennan Lobo
Madeline Lorang
022-023 Senior 6: Austin
Profile: Mielle Hubbard- Art and music
Kasia Love
Steven Lyon
Bryce MacCallum
Nathaniel McAllister
Jordan McHaley
Daniel McVady
024-025 Senior 7: Alex
Profile: Joseph Baker- Photography
Riley Meyer
Makenzie Miller
Edward Mitchke
Sylena Morgan
Sarah Morton
026-027 Senior 8: Alex
Profile: Emily Cheroske- Violin
Jesse Mueller
Cameron Nissen
Clayton O'Farrell
Colton Oster
Kennedy Palmer
Emily Pataky
028-029 Senior 9: Ashley
Profile: Noe Gomez- Rugby
Glen Paulson
Alex Reis
Boyd Rieke
Tessa Robertson
Christian Robertson
Christian Ruiz
Brittany Schnell
0230-031 Senior 10: Ashley
Profile: Boyd Rieke- Flying planes
Hannah Shelley
Sarah Shelley
Stevi Siloti-Raykowski
Alanis Stallknecht
Nathaniel Stewart
Travis Thomas
Jacob Western
Emily Pataky
Jorge Zavala

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Most likely:

1:Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart
2:Most likely to win America's Next Top Model
3:Most likely to win an Olympic medal
4:Most likely to leave their estate to a cat
5:Most blondest(intentional grammar usage)
6:Most changed
7:Should be couple
8:Most likely to be the first person to die in a horror film
9:Most likely to make it in the secret service
10:BHS' biggest fan
11:Most likely to get I'D at the age of thirty
12:Most likely to brighten your day
13:Most likely to be a fashion icon
14:Biggest klutz
15:Most annoying but well loved
16:Most likely to never leave Bigfork
17:Most memorable
18:Biggest flirt
19:Best smile
20:Best giggle
This is not the exact order of which they will go in the yearbook.

Change in Layout Pages

62-63 *JV Volleyball
64-65 *Girls Varsity Basketball
66-67 *Girls JV Basketball
68-69  *Boys Varisty Basketball
70-71 *Boys JV Basketball
72-73 *Wrestling
74-75 *Swimming
76-77 *Tennis (Boys and Girls)
78-79 *Girls Track
80-81 *Boys Track
82-83 *Golf
84-85 *Cheer
86-87 *Speech
88-89 *Band
90-91 *Choir
92-93 *Newspaper/ Yearbook
84-95 *NHS/ Bigfork Bucket List
96-97 *Cave Club/ Gardening

Friday, October 11, 2013

More Sub-Themes

I know I'm not the executive decision-maker, but I would much rather have this yearbook be less sci-fi and more just space. I found a bunch of space terms and some of the layouts they could go to. I do like puns, but please less sci-fi

K-12: White Dwarfs
Spirit Week: Great Red Spot
Class Officers: Gas Planets
Winter Formal: Cold Space
Senior: Saturn
Junior: Jupiter
Soph: Mercury
Frosh: Uranus
Faculty: Antimatter
Cross Country: Space Walk
Vals Basketball: Zero-G
Vikes Basketball: Lift Off
Cheer: Lunar Landing
Choir: Song of the Galaxy
Yearbook: Universe Through a Lens
Cave Club: Black Hole

Here are the space terms I found:
Active Sun
Air Lock
Alpha Centauri
Asteroid Belt
Big Bang
Black Hole
Blue moon
Celestial Sphere
Canis Major
Canis Minor
Ursa Major
Ursa Minor
Cosmic Year
Dark Matter
Gas Planet
Great Red Spot
Halley’s Comet
Jovian Planet
Light Year
Solar Nebula
Solar System
Solar Wind
Space Station
Terrestrial Planet
Red Giants
White Dwarfs
Neutron Stars
Main Sequence Stars
Black Holes
Brown Dwarfs
Variable stars

Senior Spotlights

Thanks, Alanis, for coming up with those senior profiles, but I think we should have more than two girls. Here is my idea for the list of seniors:

1. Stephen Jochen: Hockey
2. Mielle Hubbard: Artistic
3. Dillon Hilling: Rapping
4. Emily Weist: Modern day hippy
5. Bryce MacCallum: Piano
6. Maddie Lorang: Speech
7. Joseph Baker: Photography
8. Emily Cheroske: Violin
9. Noe Gomez: Rugby
10. Boyd Rieke: Planes

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Senior Spotlights

1.)Dillon Hilling- Rapping
2.)Mielle Hubbard- Artistic
3.)Stephen Jochen- Hockey
4.)Christian Evans- Basketball
5.)Emily Wiest- Ukulele/ Guitar
6.)Bryce MacCallum- Piano
7.)Alex Reis- Cooking
8.)Joseph Bakker- Photography
9.)Noe Gomez- Rugby
10.)Boyd Rieke- Planes

Theme Spread Subtitle Possiblities

Football: Take Me To Your Endzone
BBasketball: Gravity Defying
JVBBBall: Lift Off
Homecoming: Phone Home
Class Officers: Star Command
Winter Formal: Cold Space
Classes: Freshman: Initiate
        Sophomores: Padawan
        Juniors: Jedi Knight
        Seniors: Jedi Master
Faculty: The Force
Cross Country: 2013: A Race Odyssey
Girls soccer: Great Shot Kid
Boys Soccer: Starship Shooters
GirlsBBall: Zero-G
JVGBBall: Shooting Stars
Cheerleaders: Stellar Landing or Lunar Landing.... Or maybe i dunno, (I Sense Much Cheer In You?)
Graduation: Into the Wild Blue Yonder/ To Infinity and Beyond
Off Campus: Outer Rim
BTrack: Space Walk/
GTrack: Runners Guide to the Galaxy/
Golf: Swinging for the Stars
Band: Galaxy Tunes/ Sa-Turn Table
Choir: Sound of the Galaxy
Yearbook: Universe through a Lens
Gardening Club: Starfruit
Newspaper: The Waste Time Continuum
Speech: War of the Words
K-12: Wormhole
Spirit Week:
Girls Tennis:
Boys Tennis: 
Cave Club: Black Hole
Senior Projects:
Senior Party: Live Long and Prosper

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Listen Up!

Here's some stuff everybody needs to be thinking about and DOING:

-Sub themes for Out of This World. Think stars, galaxies, nebulas, etc. Space stuff that works with each layout. There's a list of almost all of our layouts a couple posts down. It doesn't have swimming or wrestling, so those need to be included.
-20 Best/Most. Be creative and don't say "Best Hair" or something similar. It's going to be hard to think of twenty original ones, but please try.
-10 Senior Profiles. Find somebody who does cool stuff or has a weird talent for something. There have been theater people, computer people, musical people, artistic people, and every other kind of person you can think of.

Please think of stuff and come to class with ideas and you won't be yelled at.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Layout building (Copy and Captions)

Checklist for Copy and Captions

  • Copy and the headline package are together in one of the corners of the spread.
  • Every photo has a caption.
  • Captions are placed next to, above or below the photo described.
  • No more than two captions are stacked on top of one another.
  • Captions have a consistent width and style.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cross Country

We have no photos of Cross Country and the Kalispell Meet was not listed on the schedule I received. There is a meet in Polson tomorrow. Can anyone go to take pictures?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Football, Volleyball, Soccer this weekend

I will not be at the Saturday soccer or volleyball. If you can take pictures, video or Gopro footage please respond by commenting on this post. I will be back Friday and we will talk more about it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Theme Ideas and How to be Taken Seriously

If you thought of a theme, great! Now, please think of how that theme will relate to the whole yearbook. Below are all of our layouts (they may change somewhat). If you really want your theme to be chosen, then fill out as many as you can. If you don't, please don't be mad when your idea sucks and nobody likes it :)

Spirit Week:
Class Officers:
Winter Formal:
Cross Country:
Vals Soccer:
Vikes Soccer:
JV/Frosh Volleyball:
Vals Basketball:
Vals JV Basketball:
Vikes Basketball:
Vikes JV Basketball:
Girls Tennis:
Boys Tennis:
Girls Track:
Boys Track:
Speech and Drama:
Gardening Club:
Cave Club:
Senior Projects:
Off Campus:

Senior Party:

Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sports Schedule Poster for 2013-14 and Videos for Senior Party

We are still in need of selling ad space to fill the sports schedule calendar. It won't be printed until probably late July or early August when the schedules are finalized. However, we need to sell ads before school is out so we can have the layout ready to just insert the schedules. The four sizes are as follows:

1.25" x 1.25" @ $150
2.5" x 2"        @ $235
3.5" x 2"        @ $250
6" x 2"           @ $350

We also need to make the ads immediately. Kalea has a spread made and we are tentatively going to print through Bigfork UPS to keep the whole thing local.

The senior interview video will be done tomorrow with the very last senior baby pictures entered tomorrow. The music audio levels and interviews then can be leveled.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Layouts

All the spring layouts except graduation and sr party are due Friday May 24th. The article for boys and girls state track can be added next Monday. Make sure to go through the deadline checklist.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Unique Home Designs

Does anyone remember selling an ad to Unique Home Designs? It is downtown Bigfork (we think). Kallister, do you remember anything about going to Tammy's? It says 1/4 page and nothing else. Thanks!

Monday, April 15, 2013

New assignment

Here is a request from Mr. Porrovecchio.


Can you/few of your seniors assist with putting together a video compilation for the beginning of graduation? maybe have some mellow background music for people to enjoy as they enter and sit in the gym and wait for the ceremony to start.

I just met with Logan Lamm and we went over graduation (hard to imagine) plans and the video came up so I thought I would run it by you well in advance.


This is something we have done in the past. We can just take the finished Sr pics for our interview and slideshow them. We could also add pics from the year or years. It depends on time.

I will assign this task soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Photoshop projects

In Photoshop when you finish a image that you are working on and begin a new document you should in most cases reset your preferences. This sets all of your tools and pallettes back to the default settings.

This is particularly important if you are prepping an image for the yearbook and then switching to work on an image for video.

To reset your preferences: Hold down Command-Option-Shift as your launch Photoshop.
A message saying "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File?" will show up

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ad Material

The Ski Haus sent me their ad material. It is saved on my computer. mikerpro3/Pictures/Ad folder 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I sold an ad today!! .....To my mom. But still! It's going to be a 1/4 page student ad for me :) I will bring a check/pictures/message for the content tomorrow. I am telling you this on the blog because I didn't want to mess up your charts or anything. Thank you!! :)


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NHS Induction Tonight

The NHS Induction ceremony is tonight at the Flathead Lake Lodge at 7 PM. We need pictures.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Okay this is Kalea I have organized the senior picture ordeal

Meille: Agajumayev - Derber
Ashley: Dillon - Gordon
Kalea: Haglund - Jordt
Alex: Keeler - Latimer
Dylan: Lobo - Musser
Elize: Naive - Scoggins
Brittany: Smith - Witt

if you have a certain person you would like to do just let one of these people know if they are responsible for that person!! =)

Ashley's Stuff

Hey, everyone. This is Ashley. For Senior Photos, I have Alex Dillon to G's. That is all.
I have the M to the Q's in senior pics except for the one's people are already working on

P.S this is not Mielle this is Kalea =)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mielle the underclass background appears to have a line across the bottom that shows up on the final pdf.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Senior Pictures

I will take the first ten senior pictures!

Senior Video Pictures

Brittney- Olivia Witt to Emily Smith
Eliza- Shelby Scoggins to Jemison Naive
Dylan- Jazzmyn Musser to Haley Lobo
Alex- Tyler Latimer to Danielle Keeler

Anyone else who wants to do senior video pictures, post on the blog what you are doing so there is no copies.
Hey Mielle! How close are you to finishing the air pennies for the girls varsity basketball layout? I am close to being done with the layout and need the shoes to put on the layout.
~Thanks! Riley C. :)


As I have gone through to start editing, the first two pages I open have missing links. Instead of placing pictures from  your "pictures" folder, you need to put them in the folder corresponding to your layout! PLEASE! :)

Gus and Eliza, yours are the only ones I have opened so far, if you could please fix them :)

Thank you boatloads!!!


Friday, March 1, 2013


If you have made any ad this year PLEASE make sure that you either update the spreadsheet or let me know you made it and tell me where it is if the ad is ready... and if you make an ad and place it, MAKE SURE that it goes where it is written on the layout table thing and print out the updated sheet. Thanks. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

People need to start doing things outside of this class hour or we will be lacking content and be rushed to finish at the end. Therefore we will come up with poor content (writing and pictures).  Interview at least one or two underclassmen for anecdotes to make the articles historical. You have to make the arrangements yourself. Take interesting pictures of underclassmen. (science lab, culinary, auto shop, outsie at lunch are the most interesting) Anything were they are actually doing something other than sitting in a desk and smiling at the camera.

For those people having underclass layouts, you need to take some pictures soon. You also should place all of the student pictures immediately so that you can determine who is missing. You then need to arrange to take the missing people pictures ASAP. They will need to be Photoshopped over an existing student picture and background.

Eliza, Marissa made a list for you of 10 freshmen that are missing.

Lane- Pages 92-93 are "Days in the life of Shoes?" What actually is the idea?

Lane- Off Campus layout-You might want to start accumulating some interest pictures and stories soon. They are sometimes hard to come by.

Austin-Cave Club You may want to compile some pictures from Mr. Bodenhamer and interview others beside Sandi.

Isaac, Mielle, and Ashley the choir and band layouts should be completed by Feb 26th even though there will be more content later from spring festivals and such. I talked to Mrs. Tunnel and told her that you would be coming to interview her for the articles. Also interview at least one or two others in band and choir for anecdotes to make the articles historical.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2nd Deadline

The deadline for the following pages is Tuesday, Feb 26th.

Pages 34-63, 66-67, 70-71, 82-83, 84-85

Fall videos will also be due.

This means all the articles and captions should not only be done, but peer edited. All pictures, quotes, and content should be present. If one item is missing you will receive a ZERO for the grade. Use the deadline checklist to make sure it is ready to be edited.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Isaac Reichner

I'm here right now (Monday) and editing. I think the Spirit Week layout is officially done. Unless we changed the fonts? But since we are no longer in the same class, I will be working on it during fourth period and blogging to you about my success! :)


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Opening and senior layout backgrounds are due Thursday Jan 10th.

Kalea Winter Formal is due Thursday.

Lane- endsheets are due Wed. Jan 9th.

Madison and Isaac need to split the layouts for editing the copy and captions.

We will do preflighting today.

Austin G.- Boys Soccer video is due Friday

Ashley we need a boys soccer intro of 15 seconds by Thursday.
Here is a request from Cowabunga. If you are interested let me know.

Hi Mike,
I wanted to touch base with you about a challenge that I have.  Our regular video guy for taping of the Cowabunga show is looking to “retire” from doing it.  I am fielding people that I know to see if anyone has any recommendations for someone to replace him.  The job is to tape the 3 shows and then edit as needed and then create a DVD.  (I have past year copies to show someone what has been done before)  On the offhand chance do you know of a student who is interested in video who might want to take this on as a project?  Maybe a senior project?   We do sell the DVDs and we could talk about some kind of compensation or split, but its not a huge money maker.  Let me know if you have any ideas – thanks,

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter Formal

We need pictures on Saturday for the final layout of the first 32 page deadline.