Wednesday, February 13, 2013

People need to start doing things outside of this class hour or we will be lacking content and be rushed to finish at the end. Therefore we will come up with poor content (writing and pictures).  Interview at least one or two underclassmen for anecdotes to make the articles historical. You have to make the arrangements yourself. Take interesting pictures of underclassmen. (science lab, culinary, auto shop, outsie at lunch are the most interesting) Anything were they are actually doing something other than sitting in a desk and smiling at the camera.

For those people having underclass layouts, you need to take some pictures soon. You also should place all of the student pictures immediately so that you can determine who is missing. You then need to arrange to take the missing people pictures ASAP. They will need to be Photoshopped over an existing student picture and background.

Eliza, Marissa made a list for you of 10 freshmen that are missing.

Lane- Pages 92-93 are "Days in the life of Shoes?" What actually is the idea?

Lane- Off Campus layout-You might want to start accumulating some interest pictures and stories soon. They are sometimes hard to come by.

Austin-Cave Club You may want to compile some pictures from Mr. Bodenhamer and interview others beside Sandi.

Isaac, Mielle, and Ashley the choir and band layouts should be completed by Feb 26th even though there will be more content later from spring festivals and such. I talked to Mrs. Tunnel and told her that you would be coming to interview her for the articles. Also interview at least one or two others in band and choir for anecdotes to make the articles historical.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2nd Deadline

The deadline for the following pages is Tuesday, Feb 26th.

Pages 34-63, 66-67, 70-71, 82-83, 84-85

Fall videos will also be due.

This means all the articles and captions should not only be done, but peer edited. All pictures, quotes, and content should be present. If one item is missing you will receive a ZERO for the grade. Use the deadline checklist to make sure it is ready to be edited.