Wednesday, December 21, 2011


There will be a meeting in the yearbook room on January 4th at 7:30 p.m.  These meetings can go on for a while, so be prepared to stay (at the very least) over an hour.  Bring like $5 to pitch in for a pizza too!  Let  Mr. Roberts know if that time doesn't work for you.  Seniors may or may not stay longer...  I don't know what else to say... Tell your friends (the ones who don't check the blog) about the meeting too! Thanks

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Opening Layouts

Attention!!! All yearbook members with an opening layout. A 1 pt black stroke needs to be put around all the pictures. For some reason only 2 have strokes, but it looks better. Please change this. Thanks!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Senior Layout Info!!

Best/Mosts Winners
Most Bubbly: Brennen Shaw and Keiko Sagami
BHS' #1 Fan: Ron Loudermilk and Keiko Sagami
Biggest Flirt: Jackson Boese and McKinze Shults
ESPN: Ian Lorang and Taylor Peck
Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel
Best Hair: Rodrigo Alonzo and Hannah Rudolph
Most Likely to Brighten your Day: Tony Johnson and Melissa VanDerveer
Biggest Clutz: Mitchel Harsh and Rebecca Sewell
Most Unique: Jesse Venteicher and Halisia Hubbard
Newest Glee Member: Dillon Kuntz and Rebecca Sewell
Most Changed: Kevin Countie and McKinze Shults
Biggest Eater: Dillon Kuntz, Dillon Fraley, and Miranda Miller
Best Laugh: Kevin Countie and Halisia Hubbard
Most Memorable: Ian Lorang, Ron Loudermilk, and Melissa VanDerveer
Most Likely to Believe "Gullible" was Taken Out of the Dictionary: Eugene Germain and Alexis Vanvliet
Teacher's Pet: Dillon Fraley and Amber McDaniel
Most Likely to be Living with Parents at 35: Dillon Kuntz, Zoe Gaiser, and Kianna Wicklund
Biggest Nerds: Braden Davis and Amber McDaniel
Class Clown: Dillon Kuntz and Zoe Gaiser
Most Likely to Succeed: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel