Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comic book possible sub themes

So I got really bored and started brain storming.. Some are kind if stupid, and I missed a lot, but I like some of these!

Football: hulk?? 
VVolleyball: she-hulk (super basic but fits?)
JvVolleyball: captain Marvel (it's a girl)
BSoccer: beast boy (not teen titans version)
GSoccer: Black Widow (really basic)
Cross country: turbo
Bvbball: batman
Bjvbball: robin
Gvbball: Wonder Woman 
Gjvbball: Maxima?
Wrestling: thing or Thor 
Swim team: Aquagirl (too cheesy?) Deep Blue also has to do with water also fathom (fathom is a measurement of the depth in an ocean)
BTrack: Flash (super speed)
GTrack: Jet (super speed and agility)
BTennis: black lightning 
GTennis: Thundra?
Cave club:
Speech and drama: diva or motormouth?
Winter formal: snowbird?
Gardening Club: Poison Ivy (I think she's a super villain.. Sooo???

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comic Book Layout Ideas

Using a comic book theme wouldn't only be cool, it would also look awesome. We could use a comic book format to bring even more action to sport pages.

Using a layout like this would allow for more efficient uses of space.
Text boxes strategically placed makes it so that space
doesn't always need to be set aside for overbearing articles and captions. 
We could use text boxes like this for articles and captions.

Layouts like this look more professional and a helluva lot better.
Gus here.

I'm staunchly in favor of the comic/superhero theme. Since superheroes and comic books have been a huge part of pop culture for decades, we should have no problem creating humorous puns in relation to school.

Cheer, for example, could be titled with "Pom particles". Antman/Pym particle references!! Mr. Melkioty? the man of steel.

Even though we are trying to create a more minimalist yearbook this year, I think that a background similar to what we did with the sports poster illustration would be fitting- applying a filter similar to the Photocopy effect, and make the members of our school appear inked in. the placement would be similar to the shoe illustrations we did two yearbooks ago... Opacity toned down, and placement just behind the main title. In this way we could create a collage of some of the preeminent athletes in our school- thus simultaneously recognizing and promoting their achievement, in a comic style.

Hoping Isaac will be willing to create a yearbook staff illustration- Making us all into our own comic book character/superhero. What better way to close a yearbook?
We could use the iPhone home screen and use it as a table of contents for the yearbook.

Cave Club: 
Speech and Drama: 
Yearbook: Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram?
Newspaper: Wikipedia 
Gardening Club:
Winter Formal:

JV football:
Jv Volleyball:
Boys Varsity Soccer:
Boys JV Soccer:
Girls Varsity Soccer: 
Girls JV Soccer:
Cross Country:
Boys Varsity Basketball:
Boys JV Basketball:
Girls Varsity Basketball:
Girls JV Basketball:
Boys Track:
Girls Track:
Boys Tennis:
Girls Tennis: Twitter
Cheerleading: Tumblr

Comic Book/Superhero theme

This could be used for the yearbook staff! We would be portrayed as villains! Last year some of the teachers tried to do this, but it did not work... Since the yearbook staff would be doing it, it would look awesome!

Comic book

So... I think that a comic book theme would be amazing! We should put our staff pictures as villains in the back behind bars or something else... Also, for the sports lay out we could do cut outs of the main big picture and have comic book Bam!s and Pow!s, but do a better job than I did in this picture. I still haven't thought about sub themes, though

Comic Book

Freshmen: Civilians
Sophomores: Butlers
Juniors: Sidekicks
Seniors: Heroes

Mr. Roberts mentioned wanting a simpler, lighter background so we could do something like this: 

It may be a little cartoony but it's simple.

I'm just adding to what's going on on Kera's post.

Buggin' Out

Buggin' out

Burke had a cool idea for this layout theme:

Freshman: Eggs
Sophomore: Caterpillars
Junior: Cocoons
Seniors: Butterflies!!

Dont really have any other ideas so far. Josie, you might???

Monday, September 8, 2014


Theme Hands 
Cheer-Spirit Fingers
Speech And Drama-Sock Puppets
Graduation-High five
basketball-Follow through
volleyball -something to do with spiking
gardening club- piece
Grade levels- Year of graduating

......any other ideas?


Possible themes for the Comic Book (Super hero?) theme:

Freshman: Sidekicks

Staff: Super Villains (why not?)

For sports layouts they could be titled with cliche comic book onomatopoeia?

I found really easy photoshop tutorials on how to edit photos to appear comic book like, we could use that on the cover?

We could also title the pages with speech bubbles or those thought boxes (Isaac don't slam me on this I only read Deadpool comics okay, I don't have the lingo) and the articles/photo captions could be formatted in that way too.

Anybody want to add some ideas and criticism?

we could do on the edge as a theme! what are some ideas??

Yearbook Themes

+ Bugin' Out
+ Monsters
+ Comic book/ Superheros
+ Movie theme
+ Song lyrics
+ Picture is worth 2015 words
+ Dinosaurs
+ It's a wrap
+ Brave New World
+ Just press play
+ With these hands