Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Shows off", never again!

In the first three spreads of the yearbook the words "shows off" have been used six times in captions. Those words are now officially stricken from use in any yearbook that I have the displeasure to edit.

Photo captions

Try not to use phrases like poses for the camera, shows off his/her (pearly whites, muscles, smile). They are unimaginative. Tell the reader information that is not readily apparent from looking at the picture. That means you have to find out if you don't know. This is getting harder and harder in recent years with the advent of selfies, snapchat, facebook and imaging gone wild. However, we as photographers with a very good telephoto lense can capture candid pictures. Try to use candids whenever possible and stay away when you can from posed pictures.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Background dimensions

On the layouts with backgrounds the frame size must be the following:

W 15.6944 in.
H 10.8626 in.

The location of the top left corner is as follows:

X -7.8475
Y -0.1802

This is so that the image goes all the way to the edge of the bleed line. If when you Place your image in the frame it does not fill it to the edges come see me immediately to resolve the problem.

Work on the Senior Layouts

What I did:
Put an opaque box behind all of the text
Set numbers to white
Set backgrounds for each background
Fix text in best/most boxes

What needs to be done:
Edit layouts to fit in box
Color 'Seniors' and 'Saturn'
Quotes from Boyd, Sylena, Boyd (again), Ellessa, Tessa
Cat best/most picture
Picture of Emily Cheroske
Space by Jorge-planet?

I'm sure even more needs to happen, every time I open up the layouts I find something else.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mr. Robert's Day OFFFFFFFFF!:)

February 6th the boys basketball team will be competing against the yucky Columbia Falls at home. Just a heads up Mr. Roberts WILL NOT be helping produce the video for after the game. He will be sitting in the crowd  enjoying blue gatorade, popcorn, and candy observing his first home game without any interruption. We have till then to perfect making a video by ourselves.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Montana Athletic Club- contract (Everyone watch)

Josie lesson on making videos for Mr Hansen for the iPad.
Josie and Kera photoshop lessons with me.

Kera- Faculty Pictures
Karlee & Cassandra- Staff pictures
Robert & Alex R- Bsoccer movie- Robert- find music for background Alex edits with video clips
Ashley- Gsoc layout
Austin-Bryce stuff
Alex M-animations? Ad placement
Alanis-Winter Formal
Hanna- ads-constellations pics prep with?
Mielle-edits-Gas Planets bkg for Class officers
Eliza- consolidate underclass layouts-make uniform (Mimi assistance), more cheer pics on 27
Kallister-Volleyball movie (interview arrangement begin clip
Marissa- Football and Xcountry?

Riley-Gball all pics on 27 now