Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Roots Sub Themes. Any Suggestions?

Spirit Week
Homecoming- Royal Oak
Class Officers- Treaty Oak
Winter Formal- Christmas Tree
Seniors- Noble Fir
Sophomores- Survivor Tree
Faculty- Apple Tree
Cross Country
Valkyrie Soccer- Nutmeg
Viking Soccer- Button Ball
Viking Football- Choke Cherry
Varsity Volleyball- Seven Sisters Oak
JV Volleyball- Dig Tree
Valkyrie Basketball- Queens Giant
JV Basketball
Viking Basketball- Weeping Willow
JV Basketball
Wrestling- Chestnut Oak
Swimming- Slippery Elm
Valkyrie Tennis-
Viking Tennis-
Valkyrie Track-
Viking Track- Lodge Pole
Golf- Lone Pine
Cheerleading- Limber Pine
Speech and Drama- Circus Tree
Band- Liberty Tree
Choir- Chandelier Tree
News Paper- Birch
Yearbook- Autograph Tree
NHS- Angel Oak
Gardening Club- Mother of the Forest (It's a Tree)
Cave Club- Rocky Mountain Juniper
Senior Projects-
Prom- Cherry Blossom
Off Campus-
Graduation- Grand Fir
Senior Party- Friendship Oak???

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


But viking face in the finger print rather than the continents

Locked in Memories


For music idea

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Theme Ideas. Feel free to add in comments

Our Roots- Trees! Sub themes being types of trees native to Montana.
Cover ideas:

For the separation pages (Under classmen, Sports, and Closing... etc)