Thursday, November 29, 2012

I have Madison's and Josh Sather's senior picture on my computer. Logon to mikerpro3/Pictures/Sr Pics 2013 to get them. Also Emily Stephens gave me here pictures on a CD.

Lane/Madison/Isaac- We need to Best/Most winners tallied and assigned to layouts so people can start taking pictures and getting quotes for Best/Most.

There are ad pictures for both Bigfork Frame Shop and Creative Native on Michael Roberts27/Pictures/CreativeNative&BigforkFrameShop

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lane-Sandi Bakers senior picture is in Austin Jordt's box.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Kallister- Larry Simms from Green Nissan called and wanted a proof when the ad is done. He sent me the Company logos in an e-mail they are in mikerpro3/Pictures/Ad Folder 2013.

Austins, Kalea, Alanis & Riley, Kallister & Marissa write articles for Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Also set up interviews for Sports videos.

Isaac design and write Page 1 Introduction. Look at previous years for examples. Connect with Lane and Madison on ideas

Lane and Mielle need to work on cover and endsheets ASAP. I will try to get Isaac here 7th period so you can collaborate. Also need background completion for Opening and Senior layouts.

Gus and Alex need to work on Team pages. CD in Gus's box.

The above assignments are in addition to opening and senior layouts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yearbook Pages

Here are all the pages! :)

02-03 K-12: Madison
04-05 Spirit Week: Annie
06-07 Homecoming: Madison
08-09 Class Officers: Isaac
10-11 Winter Formal: Kalea
12-13 Senior 1: Lane
14-15 Senior 2: Lane
16-17 Senior 3: Isaac
18-19 Senior 4: Isaac
20-21 Senior 5: Annie
22-23 Senior 6: Annie
24-25 Senior 7: Austin J
26-27 Senior 8: Austin G
28-29 Senior 9: Kalea
30-31 Senior 10: Madison
32-33 Underclass Division: Mielle & Lane-Annie
34-35 Junior 1: Mielle
36-37 Junior 2: Dylan
38-39 Soph 1: Gus
40-41 Soph 2: McKallister
42-43 Frosh 1: Eliza
44-45 Frosh 2: Marissa
46-47 Faculty 1: Alex
48-49 Faculty 2: Alex
50-51 Sports Division: Mielle & Lane-Annie
52-53 Cross Country: Lane
54-55 Vals Soccer: Kalea
56-57 Vikes Soccer: Austin G
58-59 Football: Austin J
60-61 Volleyball: Alanis & Riley
62-63 JV/Frosh Volleyball: McKallister & Marissa
64-65 Vals Basketball:Riley
66-67 Vals JV Basketball:Kallister&Marissa
68-69 Vikes Basketball:Austin J
70-71 Vikes JV Basketball:Austin G
72-73 Girls Tennis: Alanis
74-75 Boys Tennis:Gus
76-77 Girls Track: Marissa
78-79 Boys Track:Jordt
80-81 Golf: Lane
82-83 Cheer: Dylan
84-85 Speech and Drama: Mielle & Gus
86-87 Band: Mielle & Isaac
88-89 Choir: Ashley
90-91 News and Yearbook: Mielle & Madison
92-93 BLANK PAGE: Ideas
94-95 Cave Club: Austin G.
96-97 Photoshop and Bloopers:
98-99 Closing Division:Annie
100-101 Senior Projects:
102-103 Prom:
104-105 Off Campus Layouts:Lane
106-107 Graduation:
108-109 Senior Party:
110 Ads: Marissa & Courtney & McKallister & Alex & Eliza & Riley

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Senior Spotlight

The students chosen for Senior Spotlight I feel could use revision. I'm sure I am not the only one who can say Sandi Baker and the Cave Club deserves a spotlight over Lane Thole's political opinion. We seriously need to rethink a few of them and be sure that they are going to be interesting and appeal to the rest of the student body, aside from the jocks.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Everyone look at Final Cut 10 sample animation Generator-"Honestly I like it."- signed Mr. Roberts

Lane and Isaac put Opening and Sr template on all Senior computers inside the Desktop Template Folder. Mielle it would be better if we had the shoe backgrounds on the layouts first, but later is also possible.

Madison enter Desk Ladder on the blog. K-12 pictures ASAP

Isaac take class officers pictures- make arrangements with Porrovecchio to pull kids in the next few days ASAP

Lane take Best/Most ballot copies to Appleby

Austin G- Soccer Banquet question from Lisa Tomson- read email

All Seniors interview their profile person this week for writing your article-person listed on the blog

Ad people meet with Mr. Roberts

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Senior Assignments

1. Best/most topics
2. Pick out senior Profiles (10)
3. Arrange Officer Pictures
4. Compose Intro Page Copy
5. Introduction page 1: design and theme
6. Layouts- Opening/Senior/Sports rearrange and backgrounds
7. K-12 pictures required
8. Officers pictures required

Football Highlights- Interviews
Volleyball Highlights- Interviews
Soccer Highlights- Interviews
Video Ads? Dec. 11th 

*Video Ads needed: Torrent Technologies, Ken's Coffee, Harvest Foods

Austin Jordt

you are responsible for Hank Mcleod's senior pic and he gave it to me to bring to yearbook so I put his picture in your box!!
                                     - Kalea