Wednesday, December 21, 2011


There will be a meeting in the yearbook room on January 4th at 7:30 p.m.  These meetings can go on for a while, so be prepared to stay (at the very least) over an hour.  Bring like $5 to pitch in for a pizza too!  Let  Mr. Roberts know if that time doesn't work for you.  Seniors may or may not stay longer...  I don't know what else to say... Tell your friends (the ones who don't check the blog) about the meeting too! Thanks

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Opening Layouts

Attention!!! All yearbook members with an opening layout. A 1 pt black stroke needs to be put around all the pictures. For some reason only 2 have strokes, but it looks better. Please change this. Thanks!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Senior Layout Info!!

Best/Mosts Winners
Most Bubbly: Brennen Shaw and Keiko Sagami
BHS' #1 Fan: Ron Loudermilk and Keiko Sagami
Biggest Flirt: Jackson Boese and McKinze Shults
ESPN: Ian Lorang and Taylor Peck
Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel
Best Hair: Rodrigo Alonzo and Hannah Rudolph
Most Likely to Brighten your Day: Tony Johnson and Melissa VanDerveer
Biggest Clutz: Mitchel Harsh and Rebecca Sewell
Most Unique: Jesse Venteicher and Halisia Hubbard
Newest Glee Member: Dillon Kuntz and Rebecca Sewell
Most Changed: Kevin Countie and McKinze Shults
Biggest Eater: Dillon Kuntz, Dillon Fraley, and Miranda Miller
Best Laugh: Kevin Countie and Halisia Hubbard
Most Memorable: Ian Lorang, Ron Loudermilk, and Melissa VanDerveer
Most Likely to Believe "Gullible" was Taken Out of the Dictionary: Eugene Germain and Alexis Vanvliet
Teacher's Pet: Dillon Fraley and Amber McDaniel
Most Likely to be Living with Parents at 35: Dillon Kuntz, Zoe Gaiser, and Kianna Wicklund
Biggest Nerds: Braden Davis and Amber McDaniel
Class Clown: Dillon Kuntz and Zoe Gaiser
Most Likely to Succeed: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are going to add a QR Code component to our yearbook layouts.  Extra pictures and video then can be accessed with smart devices. We have to decide where we want to house the content and what QR Code creation site we want to use.

We also need to generate more advertising as we are way behind financially. There will be an assignment soon for groups to contact (in person) local Bigfork businesses.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Temporary Farewell!

Halisia here.  Again.

This is just my post to say goodbye!  I just wanted to leave some notes on what I'm leaving here.  I put both the endsheet and cover in a folder on my desktop called "Final Cover & Endsheets."

I can't remember anything else... but if you want, you can check out the blog I'm making with my sister.  Here's a link:

I should have internet access, so feel free to try to contact me through facebook or blogger or email if you have to.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

What to do with your finished layout

Hey!  I talked to some of you about this, but I wanted to post it just to be sure everyone knows.
If you have heard the color theme spiel, skip to B.  If you have not, read both A and B.

A. When you're making your layout, be sure to check the main photo for stand-out colors.  In many of these, they will be blue or white, so try to look other places.  If you were doing soccer, for example, maybe green would work.  Anyway, choose the color scheme, and make your title -and any  previously colored words (like athlete's names for the quote boxes)- that color.

B. When your title has been colored, it is ready to be sent my way.  Log in to "218 Halisia" from your computer and put your layout in the folder called "LAYOUTS!"  I can then see your color preferences and make a watercolor-splotchy-painting to use as the background.

Thanks for reading!  If you don't understand, please ask questions below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Layout Titles

K-12 - "Turn the clock back"
Spirit Week - 
Homecoming - "Now you're talking"
Officers - "Two cents"
Winter Formal - 
Seniors 1 - Melissa (Chris) 
Seniors 2 - Melissa (Foreign kids)
Seniors 3 - Taylor (Amber)
Seniors 4 - Taylor (Halisia)
Seniors 5 - Dillon (Curtis)
Seniors 6 - Dillon (Tony)
Seniors 7 - Ian (Jesse)
Seniors 8 - Ian (Tom) 
Seniors 9 - Jesse (Melissa)
Seniors 10 - Jesse (Becca)
Underclassman Division - 
Juniors 1 - "I'm not going to repeat myself, I'm not going to repeat myself"
Juniors 2 - "I'm not going to repeat myself, I'm not going to repeat myself"
Sophomores 1 - "You can say that again"
Sophomores 2 - "You can say that again"
Freshmen - "Fearlessly frank"
Freshmen - "Fearlessly frank"
Faculty 1 - "I told you a million times!"
Faculty 2 - "I told you a million times!"
Sports Division - 
Cross Country - 
Girls Soccer - 
Boys Soccer - 
Football - 
Volleyball - "Let it rain"
JV/Fresh Volleyball - 
Girls Basketball - 
JV/Fresh Girls Basketball - 
Boys Basketball - 
JV/Fresh - 
Girls Tennis -
Boys Tennis - 
Girls Track -
Boys Track - 
Golf - 
Cheerleading - 
Speech and Debate - "In other words"
Band - "Toot my horn"
Choir - "
Newspaper - 
Yearbook -
Cave Club -
NHS/? - 
Photoshop/Blooper - 
Closing Division - 
Senior Projects - 
Prom - 
Off Campus - "take a risk"
Graduation - "after all is said and done"
Senior Party - "One final word"

Senior Spotlights

012-013 Mel- Chris Miller
014-015 Mel- Foreign Exchange
016-017 Taylor- Halisia Hubbard
018-019 Taylor- Amber McDaniel
020-021 Dillon- Tony Johnson
022-023 Dillon- Curtis Jochen
024-025 Ian- Jesse Venteicher
026-027 Ian- Tom Olson
028-029 Jesse- Melissa Van Derveer
030-031 Jesse- Rebecca Sewell

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Miss Hali~Sauce

Hello :) hopefully I'll be seeing you 6th period, but I have been told to inform you what we need to discuss...
1. Theme names for each page
2. Best/Most categories
3. Senior Spotlight decisions

I had one more thing I thought of for a split second, but I don't remember it. Haha see you soon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Freshmen Outspoken Word

I was wondering how to carry out the theme of Outspoken into the freshmen layout. I have a couple of ideas on the board and any feedback or ideas would be super helpful, thank you!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the odd event that someone actually reads this, I have some brainstorming I need help with.  I'm making the endsheet (table of contents) right now and I need a synonym-like word for each category.  They are (some of them I already have words for):

Opening - "Declare"
Seniors -
Juniors -
Sophomores -
Freshmen -
Faculty -
Athletics - "Cheer"
Closing -
Student Life -

If you can think of any more that would be AWESOME! Thanks

Monday, October 17, 2011

Covers Again!

Ok, sorry guys, but now I have to re-ask.  Which cover do you like best out of all four?  They're numbered on the board, and I'll set up another vote.  Sorry and thanks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yearbook Covers

The covers are on the board!  Look there and vote in the poll.  Also, I could mess with things like background, colors, sizes, or whatever else.  So let me know.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Layout Assignments!

1 Intro - Taylor
2 K-12 - Mel
4 Spirit Week - Taylor
6 Homecoming - Ian
8 Officers - Dillon
10 Winter Formal - Mel
12 Seniors 1 - Mel (Chris Miller)
14 Seniors 2 - Mel (Foreign Kids)
16 Seniors 3 - Taylor (Amber)
18 Seniors 4 - Taylor (Halisia)
20 Seniors 5 - Dillon (Curtis)
22 Seniors 6 - Dillon (Tony)
24 Seniors 7 - Ian (Jesse)
26 Seniors 8 - Ian (Tom)
28 Seniors 9 - Jesse (Melissa)
30 Seniors 10 - Jesse (Becca)
32 Underclassman Division - Halisia
34 Juniors 1 - Madison
36 Juniors 2 - Isaac
38 Sophomores 1 - Alanis
40 Sophomores 2 - Alanis
42 Freshmen - Ellessa
44 Freshmen - Ellessa
46 Faculty 1 - George
48 Faculty 2 - George
50 Sports Division - Halisia
52 Cross Country - Lane
54 Girls Soccer - Kalea
56 Boys Soccer - Austin G and Bryce
58 Football - Ian and Dillon
60 Volleyball - Mel and Taylor
62 JV/Fresh Volleyball - Madison and Britney
64 Girls Basketball - Mel and Taylor
66 JV/Fresh Girls Basketball - Alanis
68 Boys Basketball - Ian and Dillon
70 JV/Fresh - Austins
72 Girls Tennis - Alanis
74 Boys Tennis - George
76 Girls Track - Mel and Taylor
78 Boys Track - Ian and Austin J
80 Golf - Lane
82 Cheerleading - Britney (Mielle and Dylan)
84 Speech and Debate - Isaac (Mielle and Dylan)
86 Band - Isaac
88 Choir - George
90 Newspaper - George Yearbook - Annie
92 Cave Club - Kalea
94 NHS/? - Dillon
96 Photoshop/Blooper - Annie
98 Closing Division - Halisia
100 Senior Projects - Taylor
102 Prom - Mel
104 Off Campus - Jesse
106 Graduation - SENIORS!
108 Senior Party - SENIORS!
Ads - Mielle and Dylan
138 Index - Austin G
140 Team Pics - Bryce
142 Team Pics - Bryce
144 Colophon

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In need of quotes...

Hey guys!  Just wanted to say that now, since we're starting to get material to build layouts, we need to be thinking of names for each spread.  Are we doing quotes or cheers or sayings?  If we're planning on quotes, keep your ears out for people saying good (or weird) stuff.  Make sure to record what they said and who said it too (It can be teachers, students, coaches, whatever).  If we're doing anything else, we should probably start thinking of titles...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyone add to it! (If you can figure out how)

Anatomy of... (Theres One...)

  • cowboy
  • jock
  • goth
  • prep
  • hipster
  • hippie


  • What you need to fit in at BHS 
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • How are you challenged? (Put the 
  • What's so great about technology?
  • Favorite movie lines
  • who is the teacher who inspires you the most ?
  • does driving make your life better ?
  • what do you snack when watching a movie ?
  • in a movie of your life who play you?

Prompts (He said, She said)

  • Clothing Style (Westward, 6)
  • Pickup Lines (Theres One..., 133)
  • Codebreakers (Westward, 6)
  • What do you plan to wear under your robe at graduation? (Westward, 34)
  • Advice to underclassmen (Westward, 40)
  • Ideal dream date ( Westward, 54)
  • Dates to Remember (Theres One..., 181)
  • Slang & Argon (Theres One..., 87)
  • if you could be any cartoon character,who would you be?(westward,89)
  • what is your worst experience you have ever had ?

Top Tens

  • College Choices
  • Music Artists
  • Favorite Superhero
Other Ideas or whatever:

baby ads (westward,197)
what seniors are most likely to be ..
most likely to be on tv.
best hair ever..
best athlete.
best school spirit
most likely to get plastic surgery
most dramatic
social butterfies
new faces(teachers,students...)
memories(lights camera action,161)

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello friends, guess who has their very own yearbook/7th grade computer class!? yup its me, anyway I don't have a lot of things that I'm working on other then theme research so if anybody has ANY little jobs to be done I would very much like a task or two.


Mission: Yearbook

Hey guys!  So, as you can see by the mess on the table, I have been scouring the area for yearbook themes and ideas (Sorry for the mess on the table).  One thing that I kept catching my attention was our basic style.  The most recent BHS yearbooks (about the past 4 years) have been really... cartoony?  I don't know how to describe it, but I have some ideas to send our book in a different direction.  Our game plan for the last couple of years has been placing icons/art on a simple-ish layout.  I think they look nice, and I don't mind them at all, I have some other thoughts.  This yearbook has the potential to be GROUNDBREAKING! Ha, sort of.  Anyways!  Here's some cool stuff I found while researching.
 I think this cover is the most awesome thing.  It wouldn't be hard to make at all either.  I would happily take on the responsibility of making something like it.  Anyways, maybe it's just me, but this cover draws me in way more than yet another royal blue one.
This is the same yearbook's content page.  I think its so cool!!!  I've looked at that face, and I don't think it would too hard to create either.  But seriously, that page just makes me want to read a yearbook.

Here's one of their class pages.  The background is just a watercolor painting.  I think that's a super neat way to decorate a page.  I could give or take the giant stack of rocks, but I really like the background.  I could totally paint stuff for our pages, too.

So, I really like that yearbook, but I also understand that it's really feminine and artsy.  Since some of you boys might not like it (you're loss - it's awesome), I'm also putting in photos of a more "masculine-type" version of an artsy yearbook.  It's theme is shoes, and is also really cool.
That cover is totally doable!  It's just like. Photoshop paintbrushes or something.  
Here's a sports page, which is whatever, but the theme use there is kind of neat.
Another page.  I like the theme use.  Also, I'm getting tired of thinking of things to write.
Ok!  Here's another idea I have.  Its of incorporating student-life in a more interesting way.  All the yearbooks on the table are open on pages with examples of this.  There are different types of quizzes (weird word to spell, there), surveys, and prompts in each.  If you can, look at them, because a lot of them are actually really hilarious too.  This yearbook used the idea of following (stalking?) one desk throughout a school day, giving a bio to every person who sits there.  That's another thing; spotlights are often given to honors students, because a lot of times, they're more public with their hobbies.    I know that's not an 'always' thing, but if you look in the past yearbooks, most are honors kids.  Anyways, these surveys and whatever would be a good way to share about all the different types of kids at our school.  

So... I know I just wrote a really long post, and I don't blame you if you skim over some stuff.  But these are some of my thoughts!  I'm totally ready to take on work, so it shouldn't be any harder for you guys, unless you want it to be.  Whatever, I don't know.  If anyone's interested, here is the page I got these photos from.  There are some other useful articles on that website too.  Yup, I am a total yerd.

Tell me what you guys think!  Otherwise I'll feel like a complete idiot for writing so much.
Everyone should read the yearbook blog daily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Week

I will go over what is expected of staff members in this class today.

We need to distribute yearbooks starting tomorrow morning and during lunch we will set up a table.

We must have a complete staff meeting at lunch sometime this week. We will determine that today.

We have three sporting events this week. Today there is soccer right after school. Thursday there is volleyball and Friday we have a home football game. I want to try out a new GoPro camera that I purchased in all three sports.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Tennis edits should be done today. Check your page numbers, some are incorrect. Track article should be finished today and printed to be edited.

Track videos are due on Thursday. Monday we will complete Graduation and Sr. Party layouts and slideshows.

Bailey complete the Colophon, please.

Monday, May 9, 2011


Pages 82-94 and 100-105 are due Wed. That means quotes and all! Due as in everything!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Book Sales

The next two weeks we will be doing a pre-sale in the morning and at lunch. A sign up sheet is on my whiteboard. The morning sessions start at 7:30. Mrs. Shanks is storing all of the materials. Please be pro-active and make a sales pitch. MOre information will be given during class.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Underclass Articles

The articles for underclass layouts need to be revised to include details of happenings during the school year. The yearbook is a history of 2010-11 school year. The articles at present contain broad generalizations that could be copied and pasted into any school year. The revisions are due before spring break, tomorrow.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Underclass and Fall winter sports due.

Fall sports and underclass layouts final edits are due before you leave for state. Qunici, Mallery, and Travis can do final edits including any rewrites. Travis can convert any .ai artwork to .tif's and send the pages to the plant. Quinci, Mallery, Hannah and Austin G. need to complete interviews and finish sports videos.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ad Design & Senior Video Sequencing

For those of you finishing up jobs I we have some new ones. There are a number of ads that need to be designed. I may assign them. Also the senior video can be started by Ian and Caitlinn in Final Cut. You will have to get the prepped images from Annie, Austin, and Dillon. Dillon and Jessie could start on LiveType or Motion animations for the Senior Interview Questions. First though, seniors need to meet quickly and finalize the questions.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sophomore Spreads Issue

There is an issue with the Sophomore layouts. The template used to make the layout was a Size 8 template. Our yearbook is a Size 7. Therefore the existing layouts will need to be converted from Size 8 to Size 7.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Por Favor

Hellooo! So I need a picture of Eretria Lefever for the junior layout...if anyone has a spare moment to take her picture I would forever be grateful!! And if you're feeling totally inspired, feel free to photoshop her into the school picture background thing :) MUCHAS gracias!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pictures of Speech and Debate, Art

There is a Speech and Debate Meet this weekend here at Bigfork. We need pictures for the layout. Also there is a art display at the museum downtown of student work. Pictures of the art may be useful in some way.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall Sports Layouts Due 1/28/11

If you have a fall sports layout on pages 52-63 they are due 1/28. You should have others critique your article and images. There may be better pictures that they are aware of. This is a team effort you should give and take constructive criticism with humility. Changes can be made, sometimes even drastic changes.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Yearbook Editing Meeting-Tuesday Jan 11th

Tentative: Yearbook editing meeting will be held Tuesday night from 7:00 until were done. The main focus will be editing and revising the first 32 pages, cover and endsheets. For those people not working on layout editing, video-editing will be done on volleyball and soccer videos.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


All page layouts from 1-32 need to be finished Friday January 7th. We will then edit these and send them off to the plant on January 14th.

All fall sports layouts and sports videos are due January 28th which is the end of the semester.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Staff Pictures for back Endsheet.

We need to take the staff pictures ASAP for the back endsheet. The composition is up for discussion. Monopoly cards?