Friday, September 16, 2016

More Ideas for the Color Theme

  • Freshman: Black Sheep 
  • Seniors: Red Carpet
  • Juniors: Green Light
  • Sophomores: Golden Year
Just some grade ideas

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Adding to Under Construction 

  • Raising the Roof -Prom
  • Breaking Ground-Golf
  • Behind Closed Doors-?
  • First Aid-Teachers
  • Striking the Nails- Soccer
  • Bringing Down the House-Basketball
  • Busting Our Butts- Football
  • Swatting Flies- Tennis
  • Water Break- Swim
  • That was Then, this is Now- Seniors
  • Laborers or Laying the Foundation- Freshman
  • Pay Raise- Sophomores
  • The Structure of Life-?
  • Management- Juniors
  • Men at Work- Wrestling
  • Some Assembly Rechoired- Choir
  • Tune the Radio- Band
  • Pack Up Your Tools- Graduation
  • Head Honcho- Class Officers
  • Cold Fingers- Winter Formal
  • Blueprints- Newspaper and Yearbook

Construction theme!!

Ideas for construction theme:

Caution tape wrapped around at different angles(also could be good inside cover or dividers)

Inside cover:
We could have that for the first inside cover OR the dividers.

For the staff pics, hard hats? Like cartoon, drawn hard hats Photoshopped onto our heads.

I really, really like this idea. Yes, the color one and the eyes one are PHENOMENAL, but this is a theme we could only do this year. A yearbook is about preserving the memories from the year. We will never forget having school in a construction zone, and it's already brought so many memories.

We coud do any theme any year, but this year, construction is the forefront of everyone's mind.

"The road to success is always under construction"

Including the motto would be easy with this theme, too.
I see no downfalls....
"Through Our Eyes"
Another idea for our yearbook theme this year could be "Through Our Eyes". I googled idioms for eyes and a ton came up.
For example:
"birds eye view" for yearbook staff
"easy on the eyes" for seniors
"eye to eye" for Wrestling
"eye sore" for freshmen
"eye on the ball" for basketball
"eye on the prize" for Speech and Debate
"eye candy" for teachers

Here's the link with the the rest of the idioms I found:

The options are practically unlimited!!!

If we do the color theme...

- "With Flying Colors" maybe for the main theme?
To complete something with great distinction, and excellent results
- "Black Tie" for one of the dances
- "Red-letter day" - memorable day, awesome event

I also like Deidre's "Through Our Eyes" idea...!

Dedicate it to Maddie and Kaitlyn

To go along with the construction idea...

  • Another Brick in the Wall
  • Another Fine Mess
  • Applying the Paint
  • Building a Better World
  • Building a Vision
  • Building Blocks
  • Building for the Future
  • Building the Bridge to the Future
  • Caution: At Work
  • Controlled Chaos
  • Organized Chaos
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Under Construction

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our theme should have to do with color!

Idk if the theme should be Local Color or True Colors or what, but color should definitely be the focus. Why?

1. Themes will be easy to make.
    Freshmen: off-color
    Newspaper/YB: Black and white and read all over
    Football: Black and blue

    SO easy, so many options. Take a look:


2. It could look beautiful. Take all the best color combos (Black and gold, yellow and blue, red, yellow, magenta, and blue) and smash them into the ultimate rainbow. That'll be our book.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This Year

Happy new year of yearbook! I promise it is a lot more fun than Mr. Roberts is leading it on to be. Feel free to post anything you want (sub theme ideas, needed items for the yearbook, deadlines, etc) Have fun :)