Friday, February 27, 2009

It doesn't bite

Many of us are afraid of the camera. This is a problem that I have had to face a lot through the years. Sometimes it's scary to change the settings or even to take a lot of 'stupid' or 'boring' pictures. And while it's important to change your angles, and think of the rule of thirds, if you're too nervous to click the button you won't have any pictures- period. So remember, this isn't a film camera- any mistakes can be easily deleted and you might catch a great photo. Oh and don't forget the layout that you're taking photos of- the sports layouts need mostly horizontal.

What makes it memorable?

When looking at pictures, whether in the news, on TV, or in a yearbook, they are meant to remind of a memory. Pictures can spark any emotion, remind you of any tragedy or happiness. When we decide on pictures for our yearbook, the pictures should show us plain and simple a memory of our high school.

Top 10 World's Famous Pictures

Look at this link and think why they make such an impact on you. Post why in the comment sections.
The yearbook staff has struggled with developing unique and personal articles relating to events that have taken place this year. PLEASE WORK ON THAT. Asking people involved in the sport/event their opinions will definitely fill up empty space. If you know you will have a certain sport/event layout, be involved in it. Writing can be pretty difficult when you aren't there to make observations. Avoid statements like:
" It was really fun, and we look forward to the next year."
" That was a great way to end our high school experience."
" We had an extremely successful season!"
" To end the season..."
" The future looks bright."


During the sports seasons we have gotten some excellent photos, but we also have a ton of unusable boring ones. This is all based on timing. Taking sports pictures is all about timing and learning better timing comes from knowing the sport you are photographing. For example, I took volleyball pictures earlier this year and they were all horrible because I never knew when something cool was going to happen. Now that I am taking basketball pictures, though, they are looking much better because I used to play basketball and can tell when there is something photo-worthy going on. These include fastbreaks, full court defenses, physical layups and rebounds, etc. We must capture the best pictures possible if we want our yearbook to be a success so I would ask everyone to do a little studying before taking pictures.

Getting Creative

I think our yearbook staff this year is struggling with taking unique pictures that are fun and artistic. Even though we are in a yearbook class, we still need that photography skill involved in order to make a interesting photos that students will look forward to. So lets get started by finding new angles that would make a picture "pop" and be noticed, looking for different objects to take pictures of, or by using the rule of thirds. Be creative.

After all, it's a "look book."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yearbook Meeting March 3 7pm

Unless there is some conflict I haven't discovered yet, we will have a yearbook meeting next Tuesday. I don't know about pizza yet. I am trying to be conservative on money until I find out where we are with ad sales. We will look at the club layout possibilities as well as edit layouts like underclassmen, faculty, and sports. Also we will have time to sort through pictures you might not know exist for your layout.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The End of "Books"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cover/UV Costs

Here are some costs that we will have to cover to get all the seniors up to page 31 in UV coating. With this in mind next week we will take a good look at our money status and follow up ad calls. A follow-up senior letter will be sent to remind parents of an April 1st deadline for senior ads.

To do our 2nd sig in U.V. coating it would be a $50.00 set up fee per flat + .60 per copy. Since there are 2 flats per sig it would be $100.00 per sig + .60 per copy. Totaling- $220.00 to do our 2nd sig with U.V.coating.

Cover To do the U.V. Gloss Laminate on the text, utensils/artwork it would be a $50.00 set-up fee and .61 per copy. Totaling- $172.00. ($122 + $50)

Monday, February 16, 2009

BHS 09 Trailer

Here is the first version of the video which may be used as the menu background for the BHS 09 Senior Video.

ReDoing the Bloopers Vote

Since the Bloopers poll has been contaminated, we have more votes than members etc., we need to revote. Please vote only once, and don't change anybody else's vote. Thanks. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

China Dave

I talked to Dave the other day. He said he's liking China, and he told me to check out their blog. The video on there I'm pretty sure shows Dave in the lime green kayak. It's pretty sweet. Check it out below.

World Class Kayak Academy Blog

Everyone could comment too, because they check it pretty often.

And Mr. Roberts, Dave wanted me to tell you-- whats up.

-SBP Kodie Kunsman

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Camera Settings

Most of you have no idea what camera or lens to use or what settings to put the camera on for different environments. The auto setting is always nice when in doubt, which most of you are. We need to change that. Where am I at or where am I going? This is an important question when you take a camera and lens out of the bag.

There are two cameras with choices of four lenses. We have a Nikon D70 and D80. For most of your photo opportunities there is no difference. The exception is if you are taking a picture that will end up as the background of a layout. You must use the D80 as it is a 10 megapixel camera and it will produce a digital image good enough to cover a complete yearbook spread. The D70 (6.6 mp) won’t do.

We have two telephoto lenses: A Nikon 70-200 mm F2.8 and a Sigma 55-200mm F4-5.6. These are our sports lenses. The Nikon is the best in low light at trying to capture action. The Nikon lense can also be used quite well around the school to capture candids because you can be far away. In good light outside either one will do. The sigma is working well at the moment in the gym. However, it is set manually:

Manual Gym Settings

If you have no clue how to change these settings you should make it a point to learn.

Here are some basic manual settings for ISO.

Sunny 100
Overcast 400
Indoors 800

For shots around the school take the Sigma 18-50mm F3.5-5.6 on auto for now. For wild looking shots you can try the wide angle Tokina 12-24 F4. However it is really for landscape type shots. For now I am going to stop with this post to be updated later. There are a lot of variables. You need to start experimenting.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Poll Gadget

A-Neu and Student Body President Kodie Kunsman have created a new poll debating the importance of Bloopers in our yearbook. Check the top right corner of this blog to cast your vote. 

Thank you and we appreciate you greatly.

- A-Neu and Student Body President Kodie Kunsman 

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Recipe for Success

Now What! We have issues.

We need to determine the content of last two spreads of the club layouts. We need four clubs. I had Caitlann, Katlyn, Catlin, aaaaaand Caytlin come up with some possible clubs for the spreads. We'll talk, but you may make suggestions on this blog in a comment if you wish.

We need more candids. Underclass layouts still have time to be visually cooler. Remember this is a look book. Rule of thirds, framing, camera angles, and other composition elements should be considered. Ask yourself, "Is my layout better than the lame ideas of Mr. Roberts." Say to yourself, "I want a picture soooo goooood that it will slam him up against the wall."

Please feel free to make a comment to this post or any other issue that you feel pressing. Well, not any issue. Please, it must concern the yearbook.