Monday, March 30, 2009

Hey Mr. Roberts,
I was just wondering if it would be okay if I used Adobe Illustrator for part of my senior project (to illustrate my poems).

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


WE NEED PHOTOSHOP STUFF FOR THE YEARBOOK! please experiment with the program and try to make some good and funny things. if you dont know what to do look at past yearbooks or online. we need amazing stuff so we dont regret our decision to have a spread for them! THANK YOU--keep me updated on your creations! ALSO LOOK FOR BLOOPERS!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Extreme Googling

Check this site out on better Googling techniques. Extreme Googling I also put the tips below and a link in the side rail.

  • I'm feeling lucky" means just take me to the top search result - it will go right to the website.
  • Word order counts in composing a search...most important words should be first. Don't bother putting in little words.
  • Maximum number of words in a search is 10. Plurals matter.
  • You can type two dots to look for a range like miami 1985..2000.
  • If your result is a picture or a movie, it will show right in the result.
  • For some organizations, they give you a table of contents in the results. This is relatively new.
  • For some big sites, you even get a search box within (like the ny times).
  • The greatest google trick of all: every website such as Amazon, YouTube, etc. all have their own search boxes, but the google search box is better than theirs. For example, google is a better searcher of ebay than ebay is itself. You are better off putting the name of the site and the item that you are looking for and then click "I'm feeling lucky" it will take you right to the site. (e.g. amazon eat love pray)--click feeling lucky. You will go directly to the book on their website without any intermediate steps.
  • Asterisk is the wildcard - great for song lyrics that you can't understand (excuse me while I kiss the *)

  • The ''ooos" in Google at the bottom of the page over the page numbers are also pages to click on.
  • Doing a search for "showtimes and your zipcode" will give you a table of every movie playing in your areas with reviews by peopole.
  • You can type define: and a word and it will show you dictionary definition.
  • You can also type math calculations into the google search box; it is also a calculator.
  • Also a converter: inches in a mile.
  • Also currency converter = type in dollars in a euro. Weather plus city takes you to weather right there.
  • You can type in a barcode number and then look it up!
  • Can also type in a flight like 'united 22' and will give you the status of the flight.
  • Can type in a VIN number and find out the history of the car.
  • In preferences you can turn off porn filtering.
  • In google language translator you can type in the whole website address and it will translate the whole page.
  • iGoogle was created in someone's 20% time.
  • phonebook:name place - get someones phone number.
  • google maps for directions shows you traffic too and you can drag the route to another road; instantly recalculates directions. shows construction and accidents. Click on cameras next to directions to see street view. you can pan around too.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Next stop: Cali

Yubeng, Cultural Tibet

Yo what up. Back for a very short spring break and then off for the west coast. I have to do lame swift water rescue course in Missoula before I leave, but then I'm going going back back to Cali Cali. Well if was good to see you fools and I'll be back at the end of May for graduation. Later and keep it real boyzzeee.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Layout Deadline Mar. 30

Pages 32-91, 100-104 are due on March 30th. This means that they should be as clean as possible. Name spellings, no duplicate pictures with other spreads, grammar, homophones, contrasting backgrounds, non-generic articles, quotes in the article, and interesting captions are all issues of concern. Edit, peer-edit and revise multiple times. The less editing we have to do the better. The first deadline contained too many errors because people turned them in without scrutiny and attention to detail.

Finally, this is a look book and many times people fail to get on the Epic24 to find the best pictures. All the pictures are on that computer. At present there are over 14000. You may not be aware that there are pictures that are better than the ones you have chosen for your layout. Also consider cropping a picture to get a different look (closeup, rule of thirds, facial expressions). If you just look at the overall view of a digital image you are not seeing all the detail. Zoom in. A good example is the infamous facial expression of Matt McGady in soccer that we all cringed at. Come in before school, at lunch, after school or when a teacher will allow, to take a look. The first three periods of the day the Epic is available.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"While the rest of the world builds bridges, we just plot inequalities."

So I was reading some news and I camp across this:

Laptops of the World

It is pretty long and I didn't read all of it, but just skimming through, it was pretty interesting.

The title is from the article, where the writer compares a foreign high school (building bridges on software) and a US school (doing basic math).

I also removed the poll, I was tired of looking at something we know we are going to do.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


don't forget the mandatory meeting tonight march 10 @ 7pm in the library...we get pizza!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Vals Step Up

Here is a highlight video of the Vals Northwestern Class A Divisional performance.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Libby Semi-Final Girls

After losing twice to the Lady Loggers in the regular season the Vals won when it counted the most. They advance to the finals with a convincing 23 point thrashing of the number two seed.

Worth a Thousand Words

After looking at Kodie's Google Earth post, I found the 10 best magazine covers of 2008. These are pictures, cartoons and even doodles that capture the audience. Using few to no words, it still makes sense and is interesting. So check up on these memorable covers and try to use some of the same techniques.

Top Ten Magazine Covers of 2008


The meeting has been moved. Instead of today at 7:00 pm it will now be March 10 at 7:00 pm. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Google Earth Cool Finds

Mr. Roberts has kindly downloaded Google Earth on all the computers for us. But how many times have you used it? While having so much fun in Computer Business Apps, I decided to surf the web. I found this cool slide show about cool Google Earth finds.

Top 10 Google Earth Finds

Check it out. There are even links where you can view the places in our Google Earth!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Learn Something New

At this time of year in yearbook students often find themselves "bored". Take this time to expand your knowledge and explore new programs, ie: illustrator. This would improve the quality of the yearbook and help students branch out from the norm.