Thursday, December 4, 2014

The cover of the book should be something like this, only instead of the thick trunk, it would be thinner with: "2015 Words" going up. The branches could be just plain branches, or inspirational words or something cheesy like that. Also, the guy leaning up against it should be a viking.
Just a though....? Isaac would do an amazing job with this.

What Samantha posted a while back could work, too! Isaac could draw a sweet viking and do that with it!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Yearbook Ideas

What if our cover was the outline of the viking head, but filled in with this? ^
The words would be BHS and school spirit words, yadda, yadda, yadda.   Inside the viking head we could make the title of the yearbook larger than the rest of the words, more prominent in color too?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I really like this cover, but if where all the color is, we put a bunch of words instead. Just an idea! I also like the other idea with the picture! just a thought!


Definitions of words that pertain to each layout!
 Basketball:a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed above each end of the court.
Josh Sandry's Definition: "..........."
Quotes about words, Ex.  "Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out "
"Words are powerful things"
Senior Spotlight: Big quote that relates to what they do!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Senior Spotlight Theme idea

For the senior spotlights we could make the pictures look like this. Take random words about their spotlight. 

Final Senior Spotlight Assignments
Eliza 12-13: Ben Couey for Rap

Kallister 14-15: Cassie Cislo for singing

Marissa 16-17: Gus Di Paulo for knives

Gus 18-19: Isaac Passwater for artistic

Alex 20-21: Kallister Meagher for fishing

Brooke 22-23: Kegan Driver and Mack Paine for boy scouts

Riley 24-25: Makena Morley for running

Kera 26-27: Rosalie Lander for writing

Josie 28-29: Ryder Trent for shoes

Samantha 30-31: Tyler Iverson for cheerleading 

Front Cover:
Picture that Isaac drew (3rd one) With either random words about vikings and bigfork and stuff and like that or names of students

BHS Faculty:

Senior Layout:
Get a quote from one of the seniors or the senior spotlight person and put it in the top or bottom corner

Ask the team what they think the definition of a words is and then compare it to the actual definition.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Senior Layout Bubble Fix

On the senior layout, select the center most of the small circles in the Senior Spotlight and click the left arrow key 5 times so its even on each side. The exact location should be -2.8444 x 4.4556

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yearbook Meeting in the High school Tuesday October 21st at lunchtime in Fellers room.  ONLY SENIORS.  Thank you very much.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Final Senior Spotlight 

Ben Couey- Rap

Cassie Cisclo- Singing 

Gus Di Paulo-Knives

Isaac Passwater- Artistic

Kallister Meagher- Fishing

Kegan Driver, Mack Paine- Boy Scouts

Makena Morley- Running

Rosalie Lander- Writing

Ryder Trent- Shoe Collection

Tyler Iverson- Cheerleading

We came up with a few as well

Kallister Meagher- Fishing

Isaac Passwater-Drawing

MaKayla Tull-Horses

Andy Russell-Motorcross

Ryder Trent-shoe collection

Veronica Farrier-nun/mission

Kegan Driver-Boyscout/welding

Carson C. or Makena Morley-ski/snowboard

Ben Cuoey-Rap

Josh Sandry-Bowhunting

Monday, October 6, 2014

Senior Spotlight
Makena Morley- running

Isaac Passwater- artistic

Kegan Driver, Mack Paine- Boy Scouts

Samantha Smit- Dutch

Gus Di Paulo- Knives

Camden Massey- Mechanics

Ben Couey- rap

Cassie Cislo- Singing

Tyler Iverson- Cheerleading

Rosalie Lander- Writing

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comic book possible sub themes

So I got really bored and started brain storming.. Some are kind if stupid, and I missed a lot, but I like some of these!

Football: hulk?? 
VVolleyball: she-hulk (super basic but fits?)
JvVolleyball: captain Marvel (it's a girl)
BSoccer: beast boy (not teen titans version)
GSoccer: Black Widow (really basic)
Cross country: turbo
Bvbball: batman
Bjvbball: robin
Gvbball: Wonder Woman 
Gjvbball: Maxima?
Wrestling: thing or Thor 
Swim team: Aquagirl (too cheesy?) Deep Blue also has to do with water also fathom (fathom is a measurement of the depth in an ocean)
BTrack: Flash (super speed)
GTrack: Jet (super speed and agility)
BTennis: black lightning 
GTennis: Thundra?
Cave club:
Speech and drama: diva or motormouth?
Winter formal: snowbird?
Gardening Club: Poison Ivy (I think she's a super villain.. Sooo???

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comic Book Layout Ideas

Using a comic book theme wouldn't only be cool, it would also look awesome. We could use a comic book format to bring even more action to sport pages.

Using a layout like this would allow for more efficient uses of space.
Text boxes strategically placed makes it so that space
doesn't always need to be set aside for overbearing articles and captions. 
We could use text boxes like this for articles and captions.

Layouts like this look more professional and a helluva lot better.
Gus here.

I'm staunchly in favor of the comic/superhero theme. Since superheroes and comic books have been a huge part of pop culture for decades, we should have no problem creating humorous puns in relation to school.

Cheer, for example, could be titled with "Pom particles". Antman/Pym particle references!! Mr. Melkioty? the man of steel.

Even though we are trying to create a more minimalist yearbook this year, I think that a background similar to what we did with the sports poster illustration would be fitting- applying a filter similar to the Photocopy effect, and make the members of our school appear inked in. the placement would be similar to the shoe illustrations we did two yearbooks ago... Opacity toned down, and placement just behind the main title. In this way we could create a collage of some of the preeminent athletes in our school- thus simultaneously recognizing and promoting their achievement, in a comic style.

Hoping Isaac will be willing to create a yearbook staff illustration- Making us all into our own comic book character/superhero. What better way to close a yearbook?
We could use the iPhone home screen and use it as a table of contents for the yearbook.

Cave Club: 
Speech and Drama: 
Yearbook: Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram?
Newspaper: Wikipedia 
Gardening Club:
Winter Formal:

JV football:
Jv Volleyball:
Boys Varsity Soccer:
Boys JV Soccer:
Girls Varsity Soccer: 
Girls JV Soccer:
Cross Country:
Boys Varsity Basketball:
Boys JV Basketball:
Girls Varsity Basketball:
Girls JV Basketball:
Boys Track:
Girls Track:
Boys Tennis:
Girls Tennis: Twitter
Cheerleading: Tumblr

Comic Book/Superhero theme

This could be used for the yearbook staff! We would be portrayed as villains! Last year some of the teachers tried to do this, but it did not work... Since the yearbook staff would be doing it, it would look awesome!

Comic book

So... I think that a comic book theme would be amazing! We should put our staff pictures as villains in the back behind bars or something else... Also, for the sports lay out we could do cut outs of the main big picture and have comic book Bam!s and Pow!s, but do a better job than I did in this picture. I still haven't thought about sub themes, though

Comic Book

Freshmen: Civilians
Sophomores: Butlers
Juniors: Sidekicks
Seniors: Heroes

Mr. Roberts mentioned wanting a simpler, lighter background so we could do something like this: 

It may be a little cartoony but it's simple.

I'm just adding to what's going on on Kera's post.

Buggin' Out

Buggin' out

Burke had a cool idea for this layout theme:

Freshman: Eggs
Sophomore: Caterpillars
Junior: Cocoons
Seniors: Butterflies!!

Dont really have any other ideas so far. Josie, you might???

Monday, September 8, 2014


Theme Hands 
Cheer-Spirit Fingers
Speech And Drama-Sock Puppets
Graduation-High five
basketball-Follow through
volleyball -something to do with spiking
gardening club- piece
Grade levels- Year of graduating

......any other ideas?


Possible themes for the Comic Book (Super hero?) theme:

Freshman: Sidekicks

Staff: Super Villains (why not?)

For sports layouts they could be titled with cliche comic book onomatopoeia?

I found really easy photoshop tutorials on how to edit photos to appear comic book like, we could use that on the cover?

We could also title the pages with speech bubbles or those thought boxes (Isaac don't slam me on this I only read Deadpool comics okay, I don't have the lingo) and the articles/photo captions could be formatted in that way too.

Anybody want to add some ideas and criticism?

we could do on the edge as a theme! what are some ideas??

Yearbook Themes

+ Bugin' Out
+ Monsters
+ Comic book/ Superheros
+ Movie theme
+ Song lyrics
+ Picture is worth 2015 words
+ Dinosaurs
+ It's a wrap
+ Brave New World
+ Just press play
+ With these hands

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Big Mistakes I Found

  • When you are writing names, you write, "(grade) Michael Roberts" the first time, and, "Roberts" every other time.
  • Numbers under 100 are spelled out (forty-nine, first place, fifteen feet).
  • Don't write anything in the caption that was in the article.
  • Freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior are not capitalized.

More things to check:

  • 80-81: Capitalization rules on districts and state, etc.
  • 90-91: Chelsea Murphy’s grade
    • Dane Dixon’s grade

Monday, March 17, 2014

Need to make videos


We need a girls basketball video made for the basketball banquet. Best if we have interviews with seniors and maybe Hansen. We can sell them at the banquet.

We need a season video for a State Champs assembly and banquet.

Both videos can be used for the Video Yearbook.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here's how to do the titling/ subtheme

Title fill: lighter color
Title stroke: darker color
Subtheme fill: same as the title stroke
Subtheme stroke: white
Add an outer bevel and emboss to both by selecting the text box and going to object > effects > bevel and emboss. Make sure to select "outer" in the style tab.
You can choose your own colors, just make sure they match your layout without blending in to the background.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Yearbook Themes

The last of the yearbook themes are finally in!!!

Cross Country                    Space Walk
Girls Soccer                        Red Sprites
Boys Soccer                       Blue Jets
Football                              Hubble
Girls BBall                         Shooting Stars
Girls JVBBall                    Blue Stars
Boys VBBall                     Asteroids
Boys JVBBall                   Meteoroids
Wrestling                           Asteroid Belt
Varsity Volleyball             Infrared
JV Volleyball                    Ultraviolet
Tennis                               Bow Shock
Golf                                  Worm Hole
Cheerleading                     Solar Flare
Band                                  Pulsars
Choir                                 Galactic Halo
Newspaper                        Cosmos on a Page
Yearbook                          Universe Through a Lens
NHS                                  Quasars
Gardening Club                 Terrestrial
Cave Club                         Black Hole
Photoshop                         Afterglow
Bloopers                            Dark Matter
Before I Die                      The Big Bang
Prom                                 Aurora
Off Campus                      Outer Rim
Graduation                        Solar Eclipse
Sr Party                             Lunar Eclipse

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sports Layouts

Anyone with a sports layout, I'm making some changes so that it's not exactly like the layout from two years ago. Nothing major, it's just important to have all the details right, and I would really like to not have to make all these changes myself. So please make all of these changes. If you have any questions, ask me.

Name font: AHJ Isabell
Left name box: 2.2704 in x 0.224 in. Center is at x: 3.6196 y: 7.8512
Right name box: 2.2704 in x 0.224 in. Center is at x: 5.9351 y: 7.8512
Left quote box: 0 degree rotation. Center is at x: 3.9576 y: 9.3917
Right quote box: 0 degree rotation. Center is at x: 5.7379 y: 9.3917

Font: Baskerville (NOT AHJ Baskerville. They're different.)
Make sure the words saying what picture they're talking about (Above, above left, below, etc.) are lowercased (Except for the first letter) and bold.
The caption surrounded by pictures on the left page: 3.0449 in x .7232 in

All pictures need a white 2pt stroke in the inside of the line.


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Deadlines on next two uploads to the plant.

Page 34-63 are due Feb 28th. That means that everything on the checklist is completed. Also, three other staff members have read and given input on pictures, captions and article. Backgrounds from Isaac inserted. Subtitles inserted.

Pages 64-75 and 84-87 are due Mar 14th. That means that everything on the checklist is completed. Also, three other staff members have read and given input on pictures, captions and article. Backgrounds from Isaac inserted. Subtitles inserted.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Deadlines Looming

* Cover and Endsheets and First 32 pages are due to to send to the plant Friday.

1. Cover
2. Endsheets
3. K-12 need new pictures ASAP
4. Officer pics- Mac, Grant, McCollam
5. 30 plus errors need fixing in first 32 pages- Kasia Love on two spreads starting at page 20 (replace)
6. Division Page needs to be done (Isaac)

* Mac Video Ad editing ASAP-Adam, Gus, Alex

* Boys Posters for Divisionals- ASAP to get them to UPS for printing

* Hand in Fall sports- go through check list first-Marissa collect all of them on hard disk

* Fall sports videos with interviews completed ASAP (Bsoc, Gsoc, Volley, Football)

* Start Winter sports layouts and videos

* Underclass layouts- start picture prep and placement-

Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Shows off", never again!

In the first three spreads of the yearbook the words "shows off" have been used six times in captions. Those words are now officially stricken from use in any yearbook that I have the displeasure to edit.

Photo captions

Try not to use phrases like poses for the camera, shows off his/her (pearly whites, muscles, smile). They are unimaginative. Tell the reader information that is not readily apparent from looking at the picture. That means you have to find out if you don't know. This is getting harder and harder in recent years with the advent of selfies, snapchat, facebook and imaging gone wild. However, we as photographers with a very good telephoto lense can capture candid pictures. Try to use candids whenever possible and stay away when you can from posed pictures.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Background dimensions

On the layouts with backgrounds the frame size must be the following:

W 15.6944 in.
H 10.8626 in.

The location of the top left corner is as follows:

X -7.8475
Y -0.1802

This is so that the image goes all the way to the edge of the bleed line. If when you Place your image in the frame it does not fill it to the edges come see me immediately to resolve the problem.

Work on the Senior Layouts

What I did:
Put an opaque box behind all of the text
Set numbers to white
Set backgrounds for each background
Fix text in best/most boxes

What needs to be done:
Edit layouts to fit in box
Color 'Seniors' and 'Saturn'
Quotes from Boyd, Sylena, Boyd (again), Ellessa, Tessa
Cat best/most picture
Picture of Emily Cheroske
Space by Jorge-planet?

I'm sure even more needs to happen, every time I open up the layouts I find something else.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Mr. Robert's Day OFFFFFFFFF!:)

February 6th the boys basketball team will be competing against the yucky Columbia Falls at home. Just a heads up Mr. Roberts WILL NOT be helping produce the video for after the game. He will be sitting in the crowd  enjoying blue gatorade, popcorn, and candy observing his first home game without any interruption. We have till then to perfect making a video by ourselves.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Montana Athletic Club- contract (Everyone watch)

Josie lesson on making videos for Mr Hansen for the iPad.
Josie and Kera photoshop lessons with me.

Kera- Faculty Pictures
Karlee & Cassandra- Staff pictures
Robert & Alex R- Bsoccer movie- Robert- find music for background Alex edits with video clips
Ashley- Gsoc layout
Austin-Bryce stuff
Alex M-animations? Ad placement
Alanis-Winter Formal
Hanna- ads-constellations pics prep with?
Mielle-edits-Gas Planets bkg for Class officers
Eliza- consolidate underclass layouts-make uniform (Mimi assistance), more cheer pics on 27
Kallister-Volleyball movie (interview arrangement begin clip
Marissa- Football and Xcountry?

Riley-Gball all pics on 27 now