Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Layout Deadline Mar. 30

Pages 32-91, 100-104 are due on March 30th. This means that they should be as clean as possible. Name spellings, no duplicate pictures with other spreads, grammar, homophones, contrasting backgrounds, non-generic articles, quotes in the article, and interesting captions are all issues of concern. Edit, peer-edit and revise multiple times. The less editing we have to do the better. The first deadline contained too many errors because people turned them in without scrutiny and attention to detail.

Finally, this is a look book and many times people fail to get on the Epic24 to find the best pictures. All the pictures are on that computer. At present there are over 14000. You may not be aware that there are pictures that are better than the ones you have chosen for your layout. Also consider cropping a picture to get a different look (closeup, rule of thirds, facial expressions). If you just look at the overall view of a digital image you are not seeing all the detail. Zoom in. A good example is the infamous facial expression of Matt McGady in soccer that we all cringed at. Come in before school, at lunch, after school or when a teacher will allow, to take a look. The first three periods of the day the Epic is available.

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