Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the odd event that someone actually reads this, I have some brainstorming I need help with.  I'm making the endsheet (table of contents) right now and I need a synonym-like word for each category.  They are (some of them I already have words for):

Opening - "Declare"
Seniors -
Juniors -
Sophomores -
Freshmen -
Faculty -
Athletics - "Cheer"
Closing -
Student Life -

If you can think of any more that would be AWESOME! Thanks


  1. Im confused about what to do on this. How are declare and cheer synonyms for opening and athletics? Or are we essentially just coming up with titles for each section using the outspoken theme?

  2. I agree, are we just coming up with titles for each section? Because I had a few freshmen ideas and I didn't know how well they went with the the theme of Outspoken..?

  3. Sorry, I'll specify. Synonym for "say/talk/any-form-of-noise-coming-out-of-your-mouth." And these are the titles for some of the pages, the most important. They're not set in stone, we can always fit them to what you guys are doing. And yes, we're making titles to fit with the Outspoken theme.

  4. I think something like murmur or mutter or mumble for freshmen, would hurrah work for seniors? I am not sure whether that is a synonym.

  5. Ok so I looked up some synonyms for Outspoken and I thought fluent or frank could maybe go with the freshmen..? Because "The Fun Starts Here" doesn't quite go does it?