Thursday, November 10, 2011

What to do with your finished layout

Hey!  I talked to some of you about this, but I wanted to post it just to be sure everyone knows.
If you have heard the color theme spiel, skip to B.  If you have not, read both A and B.

A. When you're making your layout, be sure to check the main photo for stand-out colors.  In many of these, they will be blue or white, so try to look other places.  If you were doing soccer, for example, maybe green would work.  Anyway, choose the color scheme, and make your title -and any  previously colored words (like athlete's names for the quote boxes)- that color.

B. When your title has been colored, it is ready to be sent my way.  Log in to "218 Halisia" from your computer and put your layout in the folder called "LAYOUTS!"  I can then see your color preferences and make a watercolor-splotchy-painting to use as the background.

Thanks for reading!  If you don't understand, please ask questions below.

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