Monday, December 5, 2011

Senior Layout Info!!

Best/Mosts Winners
Most Bubbly: Brennen Shaw and Keiko Sagami
BHS' #1 Fan: Ron Loudermilk and Keiko Sagami
Biggest Flirt: Jackson Boese and McKinze Shults
ESPN: Ian Lorang and Taylor Peck
Most Likely to be a Millionaire: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel
Best Hair: Rodrigo Alonzo and Hannah Rudolph
Most Likely to Brighten your Day: Tony Johnson and Melissa VanDerveer
Biggest Clutz: Mitchel Harsh and Rebecca Sewell
Most Unique: Jesse Venteicher and Halisia Hubbard
Newest Glee Member: Dillon Kuntz and Rebecca Sewell
Most Changed: Kevin Countie and McKinze Shults
Biggest Eater: Dillon Kuntz, Dillon Fraley, and Miranda Miller
Best Laugh: Kevin Countie and Halisia Hubbard
Most Memorable: Ian Lorang, Ron Loudermilk, and Melissa VanDerveer
Most Likely to Believe "Gullible" was Taken Out of the Dictionary: Eugene Germain and Alexis Vanvliet
Teacher's Pet: Dillon Fraley and Amber McDaniel
Most Likely to be Living with Parents at 35: Dillon Kuntz, Zoe Gaiser, and Kianna Wicklund
Biggest Nerds: Braden Davis and Amber McDaniel
Class Clown: Dillon Kuntz and Zoe Gaiser
Most Likely to Succeed: Tom Olson and Amber McDaniel

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