Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off Campus

I am in need of some super awesome off campus photographs! If you have any or know of anyone with any SWEET off campus pictures I would love it if you could bring them to me or tell me who I need to talk to in order to acquire said photos!


  1. Hola... I can bring pictures from India/London. I don't know if you want more than one? It might be weird to have 2 of Mielle and me. But there's some cool Taj Mahal/Big Ben/Buckingham Palace shots that might be usable. And I think we should get pictures from Tom's trip to China. I can talk to him about that.

  2. Awesome! Do that and I guess just bring in whatever photos you like best and we'll look through them. As of now I don't have any so I'm taking any pictures I can get.