Monday, November 26, 2012

Kallister- Larry Simms from Green Nissan called and wanted a proof when the ad is done. He sent me the Company logos in an e-mail they are in mikerpro3/Pictures/Ad Folder 2013.

Austins, Kalea, Alanis & Riley, Kallister & Marissa write articles for Football, Soccer, Volleyball. Also set up interviews for Sports videos.

Isaac design and write Page 1 Introduction. Look at previous years for examples. Connect with Lane and Madison on ideas

Lane and Mielle need to work on cover and endsheets ASAP. I will try to get Isaac here 7th period so you can collaborate. Also need background completion for Opening and Senior layouts.

Gus and Alex need to work on Team pages. CD in Gus's box.

The above assignments are in addition to opening and senior layouts.

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