Friday, December 7, 2012


Best Mosts matched with your senior layout.

-Senior 1: Lane - Colter Trent (sports with torn ACL/heart) 
Teachers Pet - Olivia, Isaac
Most likely to leave their estate to a cat - Shelby, Tyler Kirby
Guvanch Agajumayev
Sandra Baker
Hayleigh Block
Marriah Bradstreet
Zachariah Buff
Alicia Cadrette
Nicholai Carie

-Senior 2: Lane - Matt and Charles (Dirt biking)
Most likely to be ID'ed at 30 - Aly, Gordon
Biggest Flirt - Emily Stephans, Isaac Reichner
Dylan Carlson
Kaci Clayton
Miranda Derber
Alexandra Dillon
Hannah Edwards
Matthew Edwards

-Senior 3: Isaac - Olivia Witt (plays)
Most Changed - Shelby, Tyler K
Most likely to shock everyone - Makenna, Anthony
Ciara Farrier
Anthony Fopp
Samantha Foster
Madison Fraley
Camas Garnett
Jacob Gembala
Makenna Gembala

-Senior 4: Isaac - Alex Surber (art and videogames)
Most likely to disappear - Annie, Michael
Best Smile - Madison, Seth
Austin Gordon
Michael Hornbuckle
Austin Jordt
Danielle Keeler
Keegan Kelso
Matthew Killian

-Senior 5: Annie - Kaci Clayton (Tumbling and All State Cheer)
Most useless information - Chelsea, Anthony
Biggest carhartt/Most Motherly - Madison, Charles
Tyler Kirby
Jennifer Kriskovich
Katelynn Lafever
Luke Lafontaine
Logan Lamm
Christopher Landon

-Senior 6: Annie - Camas (Bass and music)
Loudest - Olivia, Colter
Most likely to become a superhero - Sandy, Nico
Tyler Latimer
Haley Lobo
Bryce Lopez
Aly Losleben
Abraham Malley
Jonathan Matthews
Charles McAllister

-Senior 7: Austin J - Annie (photography)
Most unique - Sandy, Jem
Class Cloun - Sandy, Nico
Hank McLeod
Kalea Monroe
Samantha Moore
Jazzmyn Musser
Jemison Naive
Chelsea Olson

-Senior 8: Austin G - Sandi Baker (Cave Club)
Most Retro - Emily Smith, Colter
Most Athletic - Chelsea, AJ
Annie Peterson
Harley Press
Tori Quirk
Mitchell Raymond
Isaac Reichner
Seth Roessmann

-Senior 9: Kalea - Marriah (Horses)
Should Be Couple - Kalea, Hank (no joke)
Best Hair - Annie, Matt K
Joshua Sather
Shelby Scoggins
Emily Smith
Emily Stephens
Brande Strohschein
Alexander Surber

-Senior 10: Madison - Lane (Government Page, not political opinion)
Be in a Movie - Olivia, Camas
Celebrity look alike - Alicia:Bella from twilight (the actor),  Abe:Lincoln
Lane Thole
David Toman
Shogo Tomomura
Colter Trent
Blake Weimer
Olivia Witt

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