Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Most/Best and their pages

SR1: Most likely to be the first person to die in a horror film: Christian Evans/ Alanis Stallknecht
SR1: Most accident prone: Cameron Nissen/ Sarah Morton
SR2:Most likely to win America's Next Top Model: Boyd Rieke/ Sylena morganSR2: Most memorable: Clayton O'farrell/ Emily Pataky
SR3: Most likely to make it in the secret service:Clayton O'farrell/ Lyra Jennings
SR3: Best smile: Wyatt Fisher/ Stevi Siloti
SR4: Most likely to be a cast on SNL: Bryce MacCallum/ Emily Wiest
SR4: Best should be couple: Riley Meyer/ Emily Pataky
SR5: BHS' biggest fan: Boyd Rieke/ Tie with Tessa Robertson and Mielle Hubbard
SR5: Biggest flirt: Gunnar Boose/ Sylena Morgan
SR6: Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart: Stephen Jochen/ Brittany Schnell
SR6: Most likely to win an olympic medal: Boyd Rieke/ Ellessa Henion
SR7: Best giggle: Dillon Hilling/ Mielle Hubbard
SR7: Most likely to be a fashion icon: Wyatt Fisher/ Alicia Hauss
SR8: Most annoying but still loved: Steven Lyon/ Alex Hider
SR8: Best at brightening your day: Daniel McVay/ Emily Wiest
SR9: Most likely to never leave Bigfork: Travis Thomas/ Tessa robertson
SR9: Most retro: Seth Duncan-Wagers/ Mielle Hubbard

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