Monday, February 3, 2014

Deadlines Looming

* Cover and Endsheets and First 32 pages are due to to send to the plant Friday.

1. Cover
2. Endsheets
3. K-12 need new pictures ASAP
4. Officer pics- Mac, Grant, McCollam
5. 30 plus errors need fixing in first 32 pages- Kasia Love on two spreads starting at page 20 (replace)
6. Division Page needs to be done (Isaac)

* Mac Video Ad editing ASAP-Adam, Gus, Alex

* Boys Posters for Divisionals- ASAP to get them to UPS for printing

* Hand in Fall sports- go through check list first-Marissa collect all of them on hard disk

* Fall sports videos with interviews completed ASAP (Bsoc, Gsoc, Volley, Football)

* Start Winter sports layouts and videos

* Underclass layouts- start picture prep and placement-

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