Monday, September 8, 2014


Possible themes for the Comic Book (Super hero?) theme:

Freshman: Sidekicks

Staff: Super Villains (why not?)

For sports layouts they could be titled with cliche comic book onomatopoeia?

I found really easy photoshop tutorials on how to edit photos to appear comic book like, we could use that on the cover?

We could also title the pages with speech bubbles or those thought boxes (Isaac don't slam me on this I only read Deadpool comics okay, I don't have the lingo) and the articles/photo captions could be formatted in that way too.

Anybody want to add some ideas and criticism?



    I am for this idea all the way!!! We could makes something like this for the cover, only have a viking/valkyrie on the shirt! Also, at the beginning of the book it has a few play on words like we are star gazers and dreamers. In this yearbook, we could say that we have the "power" to change the world!

    1. I like the image for a base draft, but we do not want to directly copy something, I mean its for a middle school yearbook, we need to bury those little turds with the awesomeness of our potential cover :)

  2. For seniors we could do Anti-Heroes 'cause they be the coolest!

    Text boxes would look better for photo captions and articles (I can provide some examples).

    And maybe instead of sidekicks (there are some pretty badass sidekicks) maybe towel capes or something related to superhero tights.

  3. For the clubs (or whatever else) we could reference superhero paraphernalia? Ray Guns, Grappling Hooks, Utility Belts, yadda yadda yadda, I found a forum for Superhero jargon: seems pretty tedious but nice to reference.
    The backgrounds for the layouts wouldn't need to be terribly intricate either, they could vary in color and comic book-esque texture but would still look really cool with the dot effect(?). We could call the junior layout Mutants, and the sophomores could be Sidekicks, and maybe we shouldn't title the freshman harshly because that leaves little room for creativity in harshly titling the teachers layout.
    The titles could be in this... fancy format, or whatever, yeah:
    That would look really cool.