Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Roots Sub Themes. Any Suggestions?

Spirit Week
Homecoming- Royal Oak
Class Officers- Treaty Oak
Winter Formal- Christmas Tree
Seniors- Noble Fir
Sophomores- Survivor Tree
Faculty- Apple Tree
Cross Country
Valkyrie Soccer- Nutmeg
Viking Soccer- Button Ball
Viking Football- Choke Cherry
Varsity Volleyball- Seven Sisters Oak
JV Volleyball- Dig Tree
Valkyrie Basketball- Queens Giant
JV Basketball
Viking Basketball- Weeping Willow
JV Basketball
Wrestling- Chestnut Oak
Swimming- Slippery Elm
Valkyrie Tennis-
Viking Tennis-
Valkyrie Track-
Viking Track- Lodge Pole
Golf- Lone Pine
Cheerleading- Limber Pine
Speech and Drama- Circus Tree
Band- Liberty Tree
Choir- Chandelier Tree
News Paper- Birch
Yearbook- Autograph Tree
NHS- Angel Oak
Gardening Club- Mother of the Forest (It's a Tree)
Cave Club- Rocky Mountain Juniper
Senior Projects-
Prom- Cherry Blossom
Off Campus-
Graduation- Grand Fir
Senior Party- Friendship Oak???

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