Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Here is a slightly updated list for sub themes. There are still a lot of open spots but i believe every category is there. As soon as it is filled i will put up up the full list. If you have any ideas please share.

      • Raising the Roof -Prom
      • Breaking Ground-Golf
      • Behind Closed Doors-national Honors Society
      • Management-faculty
      • Striking the Nails- Soccer
      • Bringing Down the House- Vikes Basketball
      • Bull dozers- Football
      • Ball Busters- Tennis
      • Water Break- Swim
      • Clocking out - Seniors
      • Laborers-Freshman
      • Pay Raise- Sophomores
      • Overtime -speech and debate
      • Bench mark - Juniors
      • Men at Work- Wrestling
      • Some Assembly Rechoired- Choir
      • Noise Protection Recommended- Band
      • Pack Up Your Tools- Graduation
      • Foreman- Class Officers
      • Snowed in- Winter Formal
      • Blueprints- Newspaper and Yearbook
      • Before and after- K-12
      • Paint the walls-spirit week
      • Hammer time-homecoming
      • Close upon completion -juniors
      • Up and Running-xc
      • -Vals basketball
      • Wrecking balls-volleyball
      • Setting the foundation-jv volleyball
      • -jv vike bball
      • -jv vals bball
      • -vals track
      • -vikes track
      • Support System-cheerleaders
      • Crawl space-cave club


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  2. XC- dead bolt
    Vals BBall- Block out
    Vals Track- Dedicated Circuit
    JV Girls BBall- Expansion Joint
    Vikes Track- Hotwire
    JV Boys BBall- elbow grease