Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots to Cover.

First a hello, hello.(insert wave) As school is coming to an end (YES!!), so is our productivity levels. I know I sure have been slacking. But Yearbook is not a class worth slacking in. It is both fun, and it's pretty awesome that what we are making is going to last for at least a couple hundred years! So we best make this yearbook down-right-fantastic.

First thing first, obviously, why would the first thing come second? We need to edit what we have finished. Do the names a second time or third time just to make sure. Use the "dot next to the name" method to assure it has been looked over. Make sure all the pictures haven't been used, including layouts already sent in, SEE the "dummy book".

Second, PROM is coming up. The best bet we have at getting good photos is to have different people take pictures. It is just too annoying and really unfair to have just 2 or 3 people take pictures. By everyone taking pictures for about 10 minuets or so, it will give us different types of pictures and of different people/groups. Because most of us have different angles, views, and ways we take pictures this will provide us with many options when we have to choose for the layout.

Third, this blog is a good way to communicate for things about Yearbook or just cool things you find about Photos/Technology in general. So USE it more often.

Fourth, my own little news, Student Council is having elections for next year soon. Some of you should run for office. It is fun, not that hard, you usually do interesting things, and it looks good on your College Apps. If you don't want to run, convince someone you think will be good to run!! "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi Or at least the change you want to see in BIGFORK HIGH SCHOOL, there are a few, and soon to be Principal Jensen is willing to negotiate, and compromise on what is allowable.

Fifth, isn't it odd (haha seriously I didn't even try to make that pun here) that four paragraphs, though an even number doesn't look as good as five. So there for (haha) in the fifth section I will talk about how awesome many of the jokes were in this post. If you haven't laughed than you have a dark soul, like someone we ALL know, except maybe AnnMarie. :) Also, sorry to AnnMarie for all the grammar issues I have in this post. I have tried by best, but sometimes, I like to throw in, or leave out, commas.


Your Student Body President

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