Wednesday, September 23, 2009

hey everyone!

so we agreed with the whole movie theme being a bit chaotic..... and we thought of another idea along with your retro idea. (well its actually one of the themes we almost chose last year....) but its called the Anatomy of a Viking. You can check out all of our ideas by looking at the paper in Quinci's box.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. I agree that the movie theme was to chaotic and just not very original, in my mind. i think our class really likes the retro theme because it is more original than some of the other ideas listed. i feel as though our ideas are very generic. The Anatomy thing could be very fun and interesting but once again i am worried about being original. I do not want to publish something that everyone else has done, and I am not saying it will happen, but i am just saying. (if that makes any sense)

    Meanwhile, Alex sent me a text last night for a title idea for the retro theme. Have Bigfork High School on the cover and have High 'x-ed' out and in sharpie text or grey color write Old. So it says Bigfork Old School. haha now at first i when heard this a started laughing because is sounded as if we were calling our school old but he meant more in the sense of lets kick it old school yo!

    haha but anyways it is more important to me that the quality is good, not so much what the theme is. so lets get this decided team. :)

    and another point, sorry this is long, for the black and white photo thing. Hillary and I were thinking more as accent pictures. I think the Great Falls High yearbook: not the dot one but the one before, they used the black and white photos to accent the color ones and the B&W photos were high quality nice pictures.

    Lastly Roberts just came up with an idea...... mistakes, oops or there is no mistake about us. on every page there is some form of mistake nonsense...... i dont know, this just needs to be decided.

    This post is not bad

  2. hey thats a cool title.... i dig it :)