Friday, September 18, 2009

Cool right?!

hey girl hey! so i really don't have much to blog about but Roberto is making me post something...

I was thinking that my favorite theme idea is the Movie theme because it seems like we could think of lots of ideas for that theme, including movie stars, movie premieres, red carpet, movie genres, Hollywood, and all that jazz. Cool right?!

Feel free to write a comment about my post, I would certainly love feedback :)


  1. Hey girl hey! so i really don't have much to comment about and Roberto isn't making me comment, but i like your ideas.

  2. Hey boy hey! thanks so much. your comment was much nicer than mine. but you still have to be my slave.

  3. this is like texting only the teacher is encouraging it.... and i am talking to my sister.... who is sitting right next to me