Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyone add to it! (If you can figure out how)

Anatomy of... (Theres One...)

  • cowboy
  • jock
  • goth
  • prep
  • hipster
  • hippie


  • What you need to fit in at BHS 
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • How are you challenged? (Put the 
  • What's so great about technology?
  • Favorite movie lines
  • who is the teacher who inspires you the most ?
  • does driving make your life better ?
  • what do you snack when watching a movie ?
  • in a movie of your life who play you?

Prompts (He said, She said)

  • Clothing Style (Westward, 6)
  • Pickup Lines (Theres One..., 133)
  • Codebreakers (Westward, 6)
  • What do you plan to wear under your robe at graduation? (Westward, 34)
  • Advice to underclassmen (Westward, 40)
  • Ideal dream date ( Westward, 54)
  • Dates to Remember (Theres One..., 181)
  • Slang & Argon (Theres One..., 87)
  • if you could be any cartoon character,who would you be?(westward,89)
  • what is your worst experience you have ever had ?

Top Tens

  • College Choices
  • Music Artists
  • Favorite Superhero
Other Ideas or whatever:

baby ads (westward,197)
what seniors are most likely to be ..
most likely to be on tv.
best hair ever..
best athlete.
best school spirit
most likely to get plastic surgery
most dramatic
social butterfies
new faces(teachers,students...)
memories(lights camera action,161)

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