Monday, September 12, 2011

Mission: Yearbook

Hey guys!  So, as you can see by the mess on the table, I have been scouring the area for yearbook themes and ideas (Sorry for the mess on the table).  One thing that I kept catching my attention was our basic style.  The most recent BHS yearbooks (about the past 4 years) have been really... cartoony?  I don't know how to describe it, but I have some ideas to send our book in a different direction.  Our game plan for the last couple of years has been placing icons/art on a simple-ish layout.  I think they look nice, and I don't mind them at all, I have some other thoughts.  This yearbook has the potential to be GROUNDBREAKING! Ha, sort of.  Anyways!  Here's some cool stuff I found while researching.
 I think this cover is the most awesome thing.  It wouldn't be hard to make at all either.  I would happily take on the responsibility of making something like it.  Anyways, maybe it's just me, but this cover draws me in way more than yet another royal blue one.
This is the same yearbook's content page.  I think its so cool!!!  I've looked at that face, and I don't think it would too hard to create either.  But seriously, that page just makes me want to read a yearbook.

Here's one of their class pages.  The background is just a watercolor painting.  I think that's a super neat way to decorate a page.  I could give or take the giant stack of rocks, but I really like the background.  I could totally paint stuff for our pages, too.

So, I really like that yearbook, but I also understand that it's really feminine and artsy.  Since some of you boys might not like it (you're loss - it's awesome), I'm also putting in photos of a more "masculine-type" version of an artsy yearbook.  It's theme is shoes, and is also really cool.
That cover is totally doable!  It's just like. Photoshop paintbrushes or something.  
Here's a sports page, which is whatever, but the theme use there is kind of neat.
Another page.  I like the theme use.  Also, I'm getting tired of thinking of things to write.
Ok!  Here's another idea I have.  Its of incorporating student-life in a more interesting way.  All the yearbooks on the table are open on pages with examples of this.  There are different types of quizzes (weird word to spell, there), surveys, and prompts in each.  If you can, look at them, because a lot of them are actually really hilarious too.  This yearbook used the idea of following (stalking?) one desk throughout a school day, giving a bio to every person who sits there.  That's another thing; spotlights are often given to honors students, because a lot of times, they're more public with their hobbies.    I know that's not an 'always' thing, but if you look in the past yearbooks, most are honors kids.  Anyways, these surveys and whatever would be a good way to share about all the different types of kids at our school.  

So... I know I just wrote a really long post, and I don't blame you if you skim over some stuff.  But these are some of my thoughts!  I'm totally ready to take on work, so it shouldn't be any harder for you guys, unless you want it to be.  Whatever, I don't know.  If anyone's interested, here is the page I got these photos from.  There are some other useful articles on that website too.  Yup, I am a total yerd.

Tell me what you guys think!  Otherwise I'll feel like a complete idiot for writing so much.

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