Wednesday, February 8, 2012

To Halisia:

I'm editing my layout and made some changes to the article but not finished, what part is weird though and should probably just come out? Because if it's the beginning then I don't know how to start my article, any ideas? What do the brackets mean? Do they mean take out or maybe fix, or that part is confusing? Take a look at the new article too. I'm working on getting some specific stories to add into it as well. How can I fix the little pictures that are really confusing? Like what's confusing about them? Hahaha I'm sorry I know this is a lot of questions but I never get to see you in person so I thought I'd use the blog.


  1. Hey Ellessa!
    First of all, just wanted to say sorry that my edits were vague. I had been going though a stack of layouts and was just going quickly.

    Mr. Roberts will probably talk to you about some stuff we discussed today. For me, mainly, the spread was just a little confusing. You are at an unfortunate disadvantage because the Freshmen layout is always REALLY hard. No one really knows those guys, and it's difficult to get pictures and stories. So it's not your fault! Please don't be hard on yourself. Everyone's layout gets critiqued, we're not trying to target you or anything.

    I looked for the edited layout today, but couldn't find it. I don't remember exactly where the brackets were. I think I pointed that part out because it was confusing. The specific details will be really good. The one you have already is great, so more will only strengthen the article.

    Also, Mr. Roberts and I went through the names to find any that were missing (because Kallister wasn't there, so we thought we'd double check). He can tell you, but we had a really hard time following the names to the pictures. It's made us think that reorganizing the layout a little might be good. I mostly involves just isolating the smaller pictures and using the extra room for your bigger pics. I made a sketch of a possibility which is on his desk. It's just an idea, and would be easy to do because it's based on a template.

    Let me know what you think! I don't want to step on your toes. You've done a great job on your layout.

  2. Hey Halisia, (This is Ellessa)
    Mr. Roberts and I talked thursday and already started a much improved layout that is a lot less confusing. Ha it should work a lot better. I really appreciate your advice and very nice comments:) Lol I now understand that you guys are just making the yearbook better and I shouldn't take it personally. Thanks!