Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Changes to the Sports layouts.

During editing we discovered a few more issues with the sports layout. Generally pictures can go to the dashed line. However, text should stay inside the magenta line. It is possible to put text outside but we want to avoid it. It is possible for text to be cut off when it is close to the dashed line. In a picture losing a few pixels of it wouldn't really matter.

Anyway, please adjust the following:

1. Change all the captions to 9 point from 10.
2. Move the small circle frame to a top left position of (x=-6.0069, y=5.9653)
3. Move the caption for the small circle to a top left of (x=-7, y=6.1806) size (w=2.2125, h=1.2436)
4. Change the caption to read RIGHT instead of BELOW.
5. Drag the article so that the top left corner aligns with the magenta corner. (x=-7, y=0.5087)
6. Set the article to (w=4.4861, h=5.533)
7. Move the captions and the dots on the right page to align with the magenta line. If you select them all you can move them all at once. Also if you hold down the shift key after they are selected you can move them to the left without moving up or down.
8. I forgot. Also move the dots on the left page to top left position: (x=-6.9792, y=5.9111)
9. Edit/Select All and then Lock Position of all objects.

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