Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Most likely:

1:Most likely to marry their high school sweetheart
2:Most likely to win America's Next Top Model
3:Most likely to win an Olympic medal
4:Most likely to leave their estate to a cat
5:Most blondest(intentional grammar usage)
6:Most changed
7:Should be couple
8:Most likely to be the first person to die in a horror film
9:Most likely to make it in the secret service
10:BHS' biggest fan
11:Most likely to get I'D at the age of thirty
12:Most likely to brighten your day
13:Most likely to be a fashion icon
14:Biggest klutz
15:Most annoying but well loved
16:Most likely to never leave Bigfork
17:Most memorable
18:Biggest flirt
19:Best smile
20:Best giggle
This is not the exact order of which they will go in the yearbook.

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