Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Theme Spread Subtitle Possiblities

Football: Take Me To Your Endzone
BBasketball: Gravity Defying
JVBBBall: Lift Off
Homecoming: Phone Home
Class Officers: Star Command
Winter Formal: Cold Space
Classes: Freshman: Initiate
        Sophomores: Padawan
        Juniors: Jedi Knight
        Seniors: Jedi Master
Faculty: The Force
Cross Country: 2013: A Race Odyssey
Girls soccer: Great Shot Kid
Boys Soccer: Starship Shooters
GirlsBBall: Zero-G
JVGBBall: Shooting Stars
Cheerleaders: Stellar Landing or Lunar Landing.... Or maybe i dunno, (I Sense Much Cheer In You?)
Graduation: Into the Wild Blue Yonder/ To Infinity and Beyond
Off Campus: Outer Rim
BTrack: Space Walk/
GTrack: Runners Guide to the Galaxy/
Golf: Swinging for the Stars
Band: Galaxy Tunes/ Sa-Turn Table
Choir: Sound of the Galaxy
Yearbook: Universe through a Lens
Gardening Club: Starfruit
Newspaper: The Waste Time Continuum
Speech: War of the Words
K-12: Wormhole
Spirit Week:
Girls Tennis:
Boys Tennis: 
Cave Club: Black Hole
Senior Projects:
Senior Party: Live Long and Prosper

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