Friday, February 27, 2009

What makes it memorable?

When looking at pictures, whether in the news, on TV, or in a yearbook, they are meant to remind of a memory. Pictures can spark any emotion, remind you of any tragedy or happiness. When we decide on pictures for our yearbook, the pictures should show us plain and simple a memory of our high school.

Top 10 World's Famous Pictures

Look at this link and think why they make such an impact on you. Post why in the comment sections.


  1. Most of these pictures do follow the rules, and have good angles...but they seem to be of only one person- which is something that we shouldn't do. and none of them are candid- which is what we need to follow!

  2. Kodie, I do not know how you find all of this fun post items. The pictures were amazing. I agree with Caitlann that we do not have enough candid photos.