Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cover/UV Costs

Here are some costs that we will have to cover to get all the seniors up to page 31 in UV coating. With this in mind next week we will take a good look at our money status and follow up ad calls. A follow-up senior letter will be sent to remind parents of an April 1st deadline for senior ads.

To do our 2nd sig in U.V. coating it would be a $50.00 set up fee per flat + .60 per copy. Since there are 2 flats per sig it would be $100.00 per sig + .60 per copy. Totaling- $220.00 to do our 2nd sig with U.V.coating.

Cover To do the U.V. Gloss Laminate on the text, utensils/artwork it would be a $50.00 set-up fee and .61 per copy. Totaling- $172.00. ($122 + $50)

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